RF protocol development
Quigg Funksteckdosen Feb 2017

Try the rawswitch protocol

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Plugin development
New Plugin for Denon/Marantz AVRs

@leader21 said in New Plugin for Denon/Marantz AVRs:

here it is running but having an issue too
[DenonAvrMasterVolume#denon-zone2-switch] Error: [Error: Missing or invalid interval parameter]

Fixed in pimatic-denon-avr@0.9.9

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ESP8266 development
Announcement: ESPimaticRF coming soon

@beikeland thank you. Found drivers at silicon labs. Will try them later on today.

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mysensors.org development
Sensor at MySensors Gateway

right now I’m struggelling with adding a Sensor to a Mysensor gateway directly and show the value in Pimatic.
Did someone now, if this possible?

I’ve added the Code for the Sensor to the Gateway code. The gateway itself work. So i see the value from the other nodes, but not from the one which is attached at the Gateway directly.

I’ve created a post at MySensors forum as well, but they refer me to pimatic.
Here the link
Post at MySensors Forum

I’ve also tried with node id 0 in the pimatic config.

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