RF protocol development

Mumbi-Fs300 without dip-switches still not running

Seems to be a bug! Thx for reporting!
Created bug report under pimatic/pimatic#1090

leader21 created this issue in pimatic/pimatic open Creating a rawswitch over GUI faulty #1090

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Plugin development
New plugin [pimatic-onkyo-avr]

@saxnpaule Thanks for your help, man. In the meantime I will try that DummySensor as a workaround.

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ESP8266 development

[UPDATED] ESP8266 WiFi Sensor - temperature and humidity

I tried that respectivley I am currently sitting in front of ESpimatic but I always get the compilation error that LedCOntrolSPIESP8266 is missing, even though it is installed.
And I’m working under 1.6.5 IDE and 2.0 Boardmanager… :-(


Yeah I just figured it out by myself…I didn’t knew, I had to put the “librariers” folder inside the ESPimatic.rar into the %User%/Documents folder… *Eyeroll

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Sonoff TH10/16 | DS18b20 temp sensor | MQTT reading

I have a DHT22 connected to sonoff with tasmota 5.2.1. So far it works fine with mqtt-plugin. The pimatic graph looks fine too. As wutu says, it is important to take the right “name“ under attributes. In youre case it should be “DS18B20.Temperature“.
here my config:

{ "class": "MqttSensor", "id": "mqttsonoff130", "name": "Badezimmer oben", "attributes": [ { "name": "DHT22.Temperature", "topic": "tele/sonoff/SENSOR", "type": "number", "unit": "C°", "acronym": "Temperatur" }, { "name": "DHT22.Humidity", "topic": "tele/sonoff/SENSOR", "type": "number", "unit": "%", "acronym": "Feuchtigkeit" } ], "echo": {} },

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