RF protocol development

433Mhz protocol for OaseFM-Master 3

Hi Christoph,
I’am really not an expert in 433Mhz protocols but i guess that Oase use their own individual protocol to control their devices. For that reason the firmware of the nanoCul must know the protocol to support
the Oase devices. That means, you need to enhance the nanoCUL Firmware. If you are able to program a Arduino you can build your own nanoCul and implement just the protocols of your needs. Or, If possible connect a 433 MHz sender direct to the I/O of your Computer to send out the pulse sequence.
Best regards, Paul

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Plugin development


Pimatic-save will not safe my pimatic-database.sqlite anymore.
I get the following error:
error [pimatic-save]: Error put, probably wrong path (not existing on ftp server): FtpConnectionError: can't perform 'put' command when connection status is: disconnecting
error [pimatic-save]: File 'pimatic-database.sqlite' not found in FTP readFile:
It did work before but now my database is bigger then 450.000 Kb It dous not work anymore.
Is there a timelimit or size limit to saving the database file.

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ESP8266 development

ESPEasy Mega Pimatic plugin

@wutu or @jopiek you where the last one updating the C022.ino in 2016 could you please update to the new version of ESPEasy-mega.
I think the structure of the program has changed so much that the old version of the pimatic plugin will not compile anymore.
Thanks in advance

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mysensors-node shutter device


in the last two month i have spend some time in the rollershutter node. Maybe some of you can use the sketch (it`s an upgrade from depressles sketch).

Some Points to the Sketch:

-send periodically the position and the temperature of the node
-two button (when the shutter ist moving any button stops)
-two times for moving (my Shutters are faster, when they moving down)
-sending up&down time from pimatic
-sending the wantet position from pimatic

If you have any idea to improve it, please tell me!

// Enable debug prints to serial monitor // //#define MY_DEBUG // Enable and select radio type attached #define MY_RADIO_NRF24 #define MY_RF24_PA_LEVEL RF24_PA_HIGH // _LOW _MAX empfindlichkeit und sendestärke des Funkmoduls #define MY_RF24_IRQ_PIN (2) // zwischenspeichern von empfangenen Informationen #define MY_RX_MESSAGE_BUFFER_FEATURE #define MY_RX_MESSAGE_BUFFER_SIZE (10) #define MY_REPEATER_FEATURE //Repeaterfunktion eingeschaltet #define USE_TEMP_SENSOR //Auskommentieren, wenn keine Temperatur übertragen werden soll. #define MY_TRANSPORT_WAIT_READY_MS 3000 //set how long to wait for transport ready. // uncomment if we want to manually assign an ID //#define MY_NODE_ID 1 / #include <Bounce2.h> #include <MySensors.h> #include <SPI.h> // Temperature sensor definitions #ifdef USE_TEMP_SENSOR #include <OneWire.h> #include <DallasTemperature.h> #define ONE_WIRE_BUS 8 //Dallas Sensor #define CHILD_DSB_ID 13 // Id of the sensor child for temperature sensor #define TEMPERATURE_ROUNDING 10.f // Change value to change rounding of temperature value: 10.f for 0.1°C change, 5.f for 0.2°C change, 2.f for 0.5°C change #define TEMPERATURE_THRESHOLD 2.0 // If threshold is reached, new temperature value will be sent #define TEMPERATURE_INTERVAL_MS 900000 // Temperature will be sent every 15 minutes #endif #define BUTTON_UP_PIN 5 // Arduino Digital I/O pin number for up button #define BUTTON_DOWN_PIN 3 // Arduino Digital I/O pin number for down button #define RELAY_DIR_PIN 6 // Arduino Digital I/O pin number for direction relay #define RELAY_POWER_PIN 7 // Arduino Digital I/O pin number for power relay #define RELAY_ON 1 #define RELAY_OFF 0 #define DIRECTION_DOWN 1 #define DIRECTION_UP 0 #define SKETCH_NAME "roller shutter" #define SKETCH_VER "2.1" #define CHILD_ID 1 // sensor Id of the sensor child #define CHILD_ID_SET_UP 2 // sensor Id of the sensor child to init the roll time up #define CHILD_ID_SET_DOWN 3 // sensor Id of the sensor child to init the roll time down #define PRESENT_MESSAGE "sensor for roller shutter" const int LEVELS = 100; //the number of levels float rollTimeUp = 39.0; //the overall rolling time of the shutter for going up -> changed by V_VAR1 float rollTimeDown = 36.0; //the overall rolling time of the shutter for going down -> changed by V_VAR2 const bool IS_ACK = false; //is to acknowlage #define CHILD_ID_LIGHT 6 //Child ID for sending level // debouncing parameters int value = 0; int oldValueUp = 0; int oldValueDown = 0; int oldValueStop = 0; static unsigned long last_interrupt_time_up = 0; static unsigned long last_interrupt_time_down = 0; static unsigned long debounce_time = 200; Bounce debouncerUp = Bounce(); Bounce debouncerDown = Bounce(); Bounce debouncerStop = Bounce(); // shutter position parameters float timeOneLevelUp = rollTimeUp / LEVELS; //time for one level up float timeOneLevelDown = rollTimeDown / LEVELS; //time for one level down int requestedShutterLevel = 0; int currentShutterLevel = 0; int currentShutterLevelold = 0; unsigned long lastLevelTime = 0; bool isMoving = false; int directionUpDown; #ifdef USE_TEMP_SENSOR MyMessage msgTemp(CHILD_DSB_ID, V_TEMP); OneWire oneWire(ONE_WIRE_BUS); DallasTemperature sensors(&oneWire); // Pass the oneWire reference to Dallas Temperature. #endif MyMessage msgUp(CHILD_ID, V_UP); MyMessage msgDown(CHILD_ID, V_DOWN); MyMessage msgStop(CHILD_ID, V_STOP); MyMessage msgPercentage(CHILD_ID, V_PERCENTAGE); MyMessage msg(CHILD_ID_LIGHT, V_LIGHT_LEVEL); void print_debug(String message) { #ifdef MY_DEBUG Serial.println(message); #endif } // moves shutters up void shuttersUp(void) { print_debug("Shutters going up."); directionUpDown = DIRECTION_UP; isMoving = true; digitalWrite(RELAY_DIR_PIN, RELAY_OFF); //wait(100); digitalWrite(RELAY_POWER_PIN, RELAY_ON); send(msgUp, IS_ACK); //wait(100); } // moves shutters down void shuttersDown(void) { print_debug("Shutters going down."); directionUpDown = DIRECTION_DOWN; isMoving = true; digitalWrite(RELAY_DIR_PIN, RELAY_ON); wait(200); digitalWrite(RELAY_POWER_PIN, RELAY_ON); send(msgDown, IS_ACK); //wait(100); } // stops shutters at current position and saves it to currentShutterLevel void shuttersHalt(void) { isMoving = false; directionUpDown = DIRECTION_UP; digitalWrite(RELAY_POWER_PIN, RELAY_OFF); wait(200); digitalWrite(RELAY_DIR_PIN, RELAY_OFF); print_debug("Shutters halted."); saveState(CHILD_ID, currentShutterLevel); print_debug("saving level to: "); print_debug(String(currentShutterLevel)); requestedShutterLevel = currentShutterLevel; //wait(100); } void changeShuttersLevel(int LEVELS) { if ((LEVELS < 0) || (LEVELS > 100)) { print_debug("level is out of range calling InitShutters: "); print_debug(String(LEVELS)); InitShutters(); LEVELS = 0; } else { int dir = (LEVELS > currentShutterLevel) ? DIRECTION_DOWN : DIRECTION_UP; if ((isMoving == true) && (dir != directionUpDown)) { shuttersHalt(); } else { print_debug("setting requested level to:"); print_debug(String(LEVELS)); requestedShutterLevel = LEVELS; } } } void InitShutters() { if (LEVELS < 0 || LEVELS > 100) { print_debug("Current level unsure, calibrating..."); print_debug("Init Shutters"); shuttersUp(); print_debug("delaying for: "); print_debug(String((rollTimeUp + timeOneLevelUp * LEVELS) * 1000)); delay((rollTimeUp + timeOneLevelUp * LEVELS) * 1000); print_debug("ended delay rolltime"); currentShutterLevel = 0; requestedShutterLevel = currentShutterLevel; return true; } else { print_debug("No clibration needed. setting to: "); print_debug(String(LEVELS)); currentShutterLevel = LEVELS; changeShuttersLevel(currentShutterLevel); return false; } } void receive(const MyMessage &message) { print_debug("recieved incomming message"); print_debug("Recieved message for sensor: "); print_debug(String(message.sensor)); switch (message.sensor) { case CHILD_ID: switch (message.type) { case V_UP: print_debug(", New status: V_UP"); changeShuttersLevel(0); print_debug("Done shutterAction procedure"); send(msgUp, IS_ACK); break; case V_DOWN: print_debug(", New status: V_DOWN"); changeShuttersLevel(100); print_debug("Done shutterAction procedure"); send(msgDown, IS_ACK); break; case V_STOP: print_debug(", New status: V_STOP"); shuttersHalt(); print_debug("Done shutterAction procedure"); send(msgStop, IS_ACK); send(msg.set(currentShutterLevel)); currentShutterLevelold = currentShutterLevel; requestedShutterLevel = currentShutterLevel; saveState(CHILD_ID, currentShutterLevel); break; case V_PERCENTAGE: print_debug(", New status: V_PERCENTAGE"); changeShuttersLevel(message.getInt()); //InitShutters(message.getInt());//send value < 0 or > 100 to calibrate print_debug("Done shutterAction procedure"); send(msgPercentage, IS_ACK); break; } case CHILD_ID_SET_UP: switch (message.type) { case V_VAR1: print_debug(", New status: V_VAR1, with payload: "); rollTimeUp = message.getFloat(); print_debug("rolltimeUp value: "); print_debug(String(rollTimeUp)); saveState(CHILD_ID_SET_UP, rollTimeUp); timeOneLevelUp = rollTimeUp / LEVELS; break; case V_VAR3: print_debug(", New status: "); print_debug("V_VAR3, with payload: "); print_debug(String(message.getInt())); InitShutters(); break; } case CHILD_ID_SET_DOWN: switch (message.type) { case V_VAR2: print_debug(", New status: V_VAR2, with payload: "); rollTimeDown = message.getFloat(); print_debug("rolltimeDown value: "); print_debug(String(rollTimeDown)); saveState(CHILD_ID_SET_DOWN, rollTimeDown); timeOneLevelDown = rollTimeDown / LEVELS; break; } } print_debug("exiting incoming message"); return; } void presentation() { // Send the sketch version information to the gateway and Controller sendSketchInfo(SKETCH_NAME, SKETCH_VER); // Register all sensors to gw (they will be created as child devices) present(CHILD_ID, S_COVER, PRESENT_MESSAGE, IS_ACK); present(CHILD_ID_SET_UP, S_CUSTOM, PRESENT_MESSAGE, IS_ACK); present(CHILD_ID_LIGHT, S_LIGHT_LEVEL); #ifdef USE_TEMP_SENSOR present(CHILD_DSB_ID, S_TEMP); #endif } void before() { // Setup the button pinMode(BUTTON_UP_PIN, INPUT_PULLUP); //Activate internal pull-up digitalWrite(BUTTON_UP_PIN, HIGH); pinMode(BUTTON_DOWN_PIN, INPUT_PULLUP); //Activate internal pull-up digitalWrite(BUTTON_DOWN_PIN, HIGH); /*pinMode(BUTTON_STOP_PIN, INPUT_PULLUP); //Activate internal pull-up digitalWrite(BUTTON_STOP_PIN, HIGH); */ // After setting up the button, setup debouncer debouncerUp.attach(BUTTON_UP_PIN); debouncerUp.interval(10); // After setting up the button, setup debouncer debouncerDown.attach(BUTTON_DOWN_PIN); debouncerDown.interval(10); /* // After setting up the button, setup debouncer debouncerStop.attach(BUTTON_STOP_PIN); debouncerStop.interval(10); */ // Make sure relays are off when starting up digitalWrite(RELAY_DIR_PIN, RELAY_OFF); // Then set relay pins in output mode pinMode(RELAY_DIR_PIN, OUTPUT); // Make sure relays are off when starting up digitalWrite(RELAY_POWER_PIN, RELAY_OFF); // Then set relay pins in output mode pinMode(RELAY_POWER_PIN, OUTPUT); } void setup(void) { Serial.begin(115200); Serial.println("StartUP"); //set up roll time up if the saved value is not 255 print_debug("getting rolltime from eeprom: "); int tmpRollTimeUp = loadState(CHILD_ID_SET_UP); if (tmpRollTimeUp < 255) { rollTimeUp = tmpRollTimeUp; timeOneLevelUp = rollTimeUp / LEVELS; } print_debug(String(rollTimeUp)); //set up roll time down if the saved value is not 255 print_debug("getting rolltime from eeprom: "); int tmpRollTimeDown = loadState(CHILD_ID_SET_DOWN); if (tmpRollTimeDown < 255) { rollTimeDown = tmpRollTimeDown; timeOneLevelDown = rollTimeDown / LEVELS; } print_debug(String(rollTimeDown)); print_debug("getting state from eeprom: "); int state = loadState(CHILD_ID); print_debug(String(state)); currentShutterLevel = state; requestedShutterLevel = state; //changeShuttersLevel(state); #ifdef USE_TEMP_SENSOR sensors.begin(); sensors.setWaitForConversion(false); #endif } void loop(void) { #ifdef USE_TEMP_SENSOR static float prevTemp = 0; static unsigned long lastSentTimestamp = 0; #endif #ifdef USE_TEMP_SENSOR sensors.requestTemperatures(); // Fetch and round temperature to one decimal float temperature = static_cast<float>(static_cast<int>(sensors.getTempCByIndex(0) * TEMPERATURE_ROUNDING)) / TEMPERATURE_ROUNDING; // Check if temperature is valid if (temperature != -127.00f && temperature != 85.00f) { // Check threshold if (((temperature >= (prevTemp + TEMPERATURE_THRESHOLD)) || (temperature <= (prevTemp - TEMPERATURE_THRESHOLD)))) { // Send in the new temperature send(msgTemp.set(temperature, true)); #ifdef MY_DEBUG Serial.print("Sent temperature: "); Serial.println(temperature); #endif prevTemp = temperature; } // Check interval if ((millis() - lastSentTimestamp) > TEMPERATURE_INTERVAL_MS) { // Send in the new temperature send(msgTemp.set(temperature, true)); send(msg.set(currentShutterLevel, true)); lastSentTimestamp = millis(); #ifdef MY_DEBUG Serial.print("Sent temperature: "); Serial.println(temperature); #endif } } #endif debouncerUp.update(); value = debouncerUp.read(); if ((value == 0) && (value != oldValueUp) && (isMoving == false)) { changeShuttersLevel(0); } else if ((value == 0) && (value != oldValueUp) && (isMoving == true)) { requestedShutterLevel = currentShutterLevel; } oldValueUp = value; debouncerDown.update(); value = debouncerDown.read(); if ((value == 0) && (value != oldValueDown) && (isMoving == false)) { changeShuttersLevel(100); } else if ((value == 0) && (value != oldValueDown) && (isMoving == true)) { requestedShutterLevel = currentShutterLevel; } oldValueDown = value; if ((currentShutterLevel == requestedShutterLevel) && (isMoving == true)) { shuttersHalt(); send(msg.set(currentShutterLevel)); currentShutterLevelold = currentShutterLevel; //send(msgStop, IS_ACK); saveState(CHILD_ID, currentShutterLevel); } else if ((currentShutterLevel != requestedShutterLevel) && (isMoving == true)) { unsigned long _now = millis(); if ((directionUpDown == DIRECTION_DOWN)) { if (_now - lastLevelTime >= timeOneLevelDown * 1000) { //print_debug("3"); currentShutterLevel += 1; lastLevelTime = millis(); } } else { if (_now - lastLevelTime >= timeOneLevelUp * 1000) { //print_debug("4"); currentShutterLevel -= 1; lastLevelTime = millis(); } } } else if ((requestedShutterLevel != currentShutterLevel) && (isMoving == false)) { //print_debug("6"); if (requestedShutterLevel < currentShutterLevel) { //print_debug("7"); shuttersUp(); } else { // print_debug("8"); shuttersDown(); } lastLevelTime = millis(); } // Statusposition in 5% Schritten senden, falls sich der Wert vom alten unterscheidet if ((currentShutterLevel != currentShutterLevelold) && ((currentShutterLevel % 5) == 0)) { send(msg.set(currentShutterLevel), false); currentShutterLevelold = currentShutterLevel; } }

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