RF protocol development
[request] Protocol/debug for Livolo wall switches

with the rflink gateway it is possible to control the livolo switch, but you can not check the state of the switch :/ and when you switch one of the livolo switch off, then all of the switches will switch off

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Plugin development
New plugin pimatic-mqtt

@wutu great will test it soon!

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ESP8266 development
Announcement: ESPimaticRF coming soon

@koffienl no, no double taps, i always wait for the “done” toast after a tap. Indeed, restarting pimatic does the trick. It seems to happen more lately… Also after i restart pimatic it happens on the first press. Now it works normally again.

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mysensors.org development
MySensors smartsleep

I do not use node-red, only mysensors plugin. I tried

request(5, V_VAR1);

on sensor sketch, but
Pimatic only logs

debug [pimatic-mysensors]: <- request from 50

I also defined a MysensorsMultiDevice with nodeid 50 and child id 5 with type 24 (V_VAR1). But Pimatic doesn’t send.

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