RF protocol development

weather7 protocol - humidity not coming through

@bart-huitsing with the log reader plugin you can read the pimatic log and this the humidity part. And display it ofc.

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Plugin development
New Plugin - [pimatic-raspbee]

I also saw that the window contacts provide the temperature. It would be nice to get this value in pimatic too.

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ESP8266 development

Announcement: ESPimaticRF coming soon

@estadhouders if you use an id, ttyusb becomes redundant. In other words, even if it is on ttyusb12837, it should still find it, by serial.

But i guess that doesnt work, maybe you could look into symlinking it with udev.

See this page; https://www.sparkfun.com/news/2332

As for me, this happened when using a broken usb cable. It would cut it off and reconnect it.

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