RF protocol development

weather7 protocol - humidity not coming through

@bart-huitsing with the log reader plugin you can read the pimatic log and this the humidity part. And display it ofc.

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Plugin development
Aqara (Xiaomi) plugin (Released)

Controlling the RGB would also be cool.

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ESP8266 development

WIFI Switch to integrate in wall

@swen Thanks for the hint. But I avoid native Alexa support on the devices.
I’ve a more holistic concept to provide Alexa support for all (supported) devices: every device is centrally included in pimatic and then provisioned via the ECHO plugin ;)
There I can choose which devices should be controlable via Alexa and which not.

Native Alexa support is only realized on top via ioBroker (iobroker-pimatic adapter but optional from operational perspective) e.g. for Spotify

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