RF protocol development
Smartwares RM174RF Protocol

any updates on mentioned devices, please?

Kind regards,

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Plugin development
[pimatic-hap] Release 0.11.0 with support for IKEA Tradfri

@LinuxDoc i haven’t figured what the problem is yet. I guess it’s the new hap-nodejs version.

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ESP8266 development
[ESPimatic]ESPimatic : ESP8266 modular sensor for Pimatic [v0.1.26]

To busy at the moment with lots of other projects. Someday I will pick it up. But as leader21 says : it works and does what it originally was built for. ;)
And if someone wants to add sensors they can always do … the code is free to grab from github ;)

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mysensors.org development
MySensors device boolean labels: presentation changed?

@mwittig any update on this boolean issue?

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