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weather sensor: is it possible to port code from RTL433

@axled said in weather sensor: is it possible to port code from RTL433:

As i like pimatic the most my question: is it possible to port rtl433 code to pimatic (rfcontroljs)?

I am not sure, how to interpret you question. Possibly you had in mind what I described below as option 4. Generally, I see the following options.

Option 1: Integrate rtl_433 (as a driver) into pimatic-homeduino
I think rfcontrol.js is not the right place for integration as it only implements encoding/decoding functions to map between the received/sent raw data data and the datagrams of the higher-layer protocols for the various device types. However, it is possible to write a driver in homeduinojs to just receive raw data from Realtek SDR devices like the Realtek RTL2832 used by many DVB-t dongles (e.f. using the RTL-SDR code). I believe @DaanNL did this before to some extent as he wrote an extension for vhduino, but I am not sure whether or not he published his work.

Option 2: Write a plugin on top of rtl_433
Another approach would be to write a plugin on top of rtl_433. This appears to be more the more straightforward solution as rtl_433 implements a generic receiver which contains the driver to receive the raw data plus the decoding functions for several 433Mhz device protocols (some of the device protocols are even not supported by pimatic-homeduino). If @developer is willing to do that it may be useful to have a look at pimatic-efergye2 which collects consumption data for wireless Efergy E2 power meters using a RTL-SDR compatible dongle and as such the plugin has been built on top of rtl_433.

Option 3: Use pimatic-logreader to filter output from rtl_433
As rtl_433 outputs the received data in a log file it is even possible to integrate this without implementing a specific plugin. Instead one can use the logreader plugin to filter the relevant portions of data from the log file to map it device attributes.

Option 4: Implement new device protocols as part of rfcontroljs by using/re-using parts of the rtl_433 code

It is generally possible to look into rtl_433 source code to understand how higher layer protocols general work, but it is not possible to directly use/reuser code as part of rfcontroljs. It should also be noted some protocols cannot be supported due to limitations of the raw data receiver which has problems with start/end detection of some data probes.

Conclusion: As it may be difficult to find a developer which is ready to work on this on the short term you may want to consider option C which you can get done without programming skills.

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Plugin development
echo- plugin and Echo Dot (3. Generation)

@tees Does your pimatic-echo run on port 80? I’ve seen elsewhere that the echo dot 2nd gen only works if the port is not 80.
I will try to check which combinations are working for me.
The problem with the wrong devices switched can actually only happen if you remove all devices and discover without resetting the echo-database. Every device has an id, which is just a number. The API is like api/lights/{id} and Alexa just remembers the name and the corresponding id. if this gets out of sync somehow I can imagine that you see such effects.

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ESP8266 development

Pimatic mit ESP8266 - NodeMCU oder ESP-01

I’m just using tasmota right now. I have tried Espeasy. I had it on a NodeMCU for some time to control a display with ws2812. Unfortunately some of the LEDs flash uncontrolled. Maybe the problem was not EspEasy. I’ve made some changes to the circuit since then. Now the display works without problems with tasmota 6.5. Otherwise I have tasmota on all devices, from version 5.11 to 6.5.
On about 10 devices. The handling is the same everywhere. I find it easier this way.
As long as I don’t need any of the sensors that espeasy supports, I will probably stay with tasmota. Furthermore, I have a quick overview of all devices with the tasmota device manager (TDM) . The TDM even shows devices that are in the subnetwork.

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pimatic-mysensors and node v10

@bertreb said in pimatic-mysensors and node v10:

In my opinion the plugin page on the Pimatic site needs a little clean up before putting to many clone’s there. Because now active node v10 compatible plugins are on the same list as obsolete one. For (new) user not an attractive way to search plugins.

Agree. It would not be the preferred way…

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