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Really nice update. I was fighting the last days with exactly this problem. I did test different setups and sometimes it ends in the szenario, that the found devices was named by number (first device, second device… twentyth device). Only a reset of the relevant echo fixed the problem. I will update and can report then, because I really have to delete a device.

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Sunrise with wrong time format (AM/PM) - older forum threads already checked

Hallo @mwittig

the problem still exists about the time zones in the Sunrise plugin is there a solution yet.
I also use node 10.16.3


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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Read Chromecast State

In case anyone is still looking for Chromecast integration: I just released the pimatic-chromecast plugin:

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Shelly mqtt dimmer, how to configure it with json?

The on and off come from the mqtt switch or the shelly dimmer (that doesn’t matter).
But when I switch off the dimmer, and I change the slider then the slider doesn’t change on the fysical dimmer any more.
But as I said, so problem at all, I hide the slider in pimatic when the switch is off. Then the slider is’t relevant anymore and saves space on my gui.

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Discussion about Hardware.
MiHome Hub (Aqara)

I moved to the DeCONZ stick. So I offer my MiHome hub.
25€ incl. shipment within Germany, but I can ship for sure in other countries with the appropriate surcharge.
Due to bad experiences with Paypal, I now prefer the classic bank transfer.

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All about code


@bertreb said in pimatic-save:

I released version 0.1.6. with the timestamp and error message change.

works perfectly! thank you!

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All about rules and script develpopment
MQTT JSON message.

Ahhh okay. Then I will give it a try 😉

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Please report bugs on github!

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