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20190824, V0.9.12 Added predicate to trigger rules by a received MQTT message, PR #44, thanks @crycode-de Allow for client connection with username/password authentication if broker allows
anonymous access

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Problem with old DS18B20 plugin on raspberry and higher node and npm versions

Hello, I’m now setting up my pimatic system on node and npm on newer versions again. Unfortunately I encounter obstacles again and again.
Currently it is the DS18B20 plugin.
It seems that this plugin has already been removed with the change from pimatic 0.8.x to pimatic 0.9.x. But it had still worked so far. Currently I have two pimatic systems running. One works well with node 4.6.x and npm 2.15. and the other TEST system.
Well, with node v8 and higher it doesn’t seem to work anymore.
What can I do. Do I have to place my sensors on a sonoff with tasmota? Is there any way to make it over the raspberry?
Is there no possibility to put the sensors on the sonoff? What can I do?

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Full custom dummy device

I like to bump this even there was no considerable resonance.

Maybe it is more helpfull to see a picture and a more detailed description. My idea is to be able to create a dummy device like this:

It contains following elements:

VariableDevice DummySwitch DummyDimmer ButtonDevice

Basically all DummyDevices and some further usefull devices should be able to be added like:

InputDevice VariableInputDevice VariableTimeInputDevice DummyShutter DummyHeatingThermostat DummyContactSensor DummyPrecenceSensor DummyTemperaturerSensor

With this we are able to create a combined device for a room in really compact form. From my point of view it is more elegant as to have 4 seperate devices in a group call “Raum”

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Values from Synology

@quotschmacher Nice addition!!

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Discussion about Hardware.
XIAOMI Aqara Two-way Relay?

i think here you will find a lot of knowledge…

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All about code

New Plugin for Logitech Harmony Hub

:disappointed: sorry, still on the horizon but no time currently

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All about rules and script develpopment
Misbehaving rule - bug or mistake

@mwittig I’m currently on pimatic-fritz@0.7.0 and it was before I upgraded to 0.9.50.

But as you come to speak to this thing: I was the initial reason and the tester when @andig made the pimatic-fritz plugin “multi-FritzBox”-capable. Maybe there went something in the wrong direction after the installation in May 2019… :confused:

Should I uninstall the pimatic-fritz plugin by web interface and reinstall it by web interface?

EDIT: And yes, it is 0.7.0. Now that I took a look at the official version history, I see that I’m “ahead” of the current version (0.6.7). :flushed:

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Please report bugs on github!

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