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Released pimatic-wunderground@0.0.7

version 0.0.7 released 2018-02-22

Handled missing forecast error

Discuss here:

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
ESPurna/MySensors RGB Lights

Hmmm… Seems to be pimatic is not the best solution for RGB Lichts. :(

Ok thanks for your help…

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Deutsches Hilfeforum

Gaszähler per Reed auslesen, wenn der Magnet am Reed stehen bleibt

There is no function in Pimatic for a rising or falling edge (deutsch: Steigende oder fallende Flanke)
But there is a ìf variable changes
Maybe a if variable changes and variable is true can do the job. But i haven´t tested it

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
RPi Cam Servo Control

Servos don´t have “Steps”, they are controled by PWM. So there is no need for limit switches.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Popup/Toast Error-Message

@michael-rudek well, using an iframe is not a bad idea. However, pimatic isnt designed for displaying custom toast.

Maybe you could try this;
Create a page in the pimatic-mobile-frontend public dir. Add your toast system to that page and load the full pimatic as an iframe.

Now you need to figure out a way to get the information that you want in a toast.

I suggest you look into using the API, and for example, update a variable if there is an error, and get that error to your page through the API.

It a bit clumsy way to do it, but this should work.

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Discussion about Hardware.
Wall switch with Sonoff and optocoupler

I think it was realy a contakt problem. Now, i have delet the breadboard and have close the contakts with screws. It seems to be better. I will look for it for longer time.
Thanks for help.

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All about code

New plugin for Telegram

Hello @zomer,
Great to hear you are happy with the plugin!

Can you clarify your use case scenario? Are you referring to a message sent to Pimatic from a client, or the “send telegram message…” action which sends messages from Pimatic to a client? The latter already allows for Pimatic variables to be used, although not based on a preceding keyword.

Perhaps if you describe a real life scenario on what you would like to achieve it helps to understand what functionality is needed and how to best implement it?

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All about rules and script develpopment
Trigger rule with error in log

@leader21 Just quickly reviewed the log-reader code and although not very explicitly clear in the plugin description, it allows for Javascript Regex to be used for pattern matching (see snippet below). The difference @OrtiN suggests, is to be able to provide the pattern as part of the predicate instead of the device config. This should be achievable as added functionality in log-reader I think. Don’t mind forking log-reader and having a stab. Before I do, I’d also like to ask @mwittig if he has any thoughts on the topic.

for line in @config.lines # for a match. matches = new RegExp(line.match).exec(data) if matches? # If a match occures then emit a "match"-event. @emit 'match', line, data, matches return

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