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Thanks! Works perfect. Love it!

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Unexpected token [] error when saving Device

The whole purpose for me is to see the data of my weatherstation in Pimatic.
Will this be possible with your Dark Sky solution?
I already use the OpenWeather plugin for region weather forecast.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
control visibility via device status

Its solved.

Before I reloaded Pimatic in the browser every time when I changed something and that didn’t help.

Now that I changed ALL css rules as adviced AND reloaded pimatic in the browser all works as expected.

Thanks for the support and advises!!!

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
[solved]Wanted Howto see pimatic version in gui

@wuschel The problem is that the check for available updates use the package.json file on the v0.9.x github branch. This branch, however, had been retired a couple of months ago and new releases are now publish from the master branch. Thus, the command attribute value of the “homeduino Version Request” device need to be changed as follows:

{ "id": "homeduino-version-git", "name": "homeduino Version Request", "class": "ShellSensor", "attributeName": "versionrequest", "attributeType": "string", "command": "curl -s | grep version | grep span | awk -F\\> {'print $11'} | awk -F\\< {'print $1'}\n", "interval": 21600000 },

or change this using the device editor as follows:


If you’re using the changelog feature this also needs to be changed, i.e. in the “homeduino changelog request” rule you need remove the -b v.0.9.x option in the github-changes command sequence.

Hope, this helps

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Discussion about Hardware.
Which Cam do you use?

I am using exact the same cams as bertreb, also with MotionEye to get the Stream shown in the frontend. Works perfectly since long time. I bought the cams three years ago. To the beginning I was able to see the picture over the snapshot cgi. After a update this was not possible anymore. Therefore I installed MotionEye.
Last week I was close to buy Nest outdoor cams. But for the while the foscams works so I decide to postpone to buy new HW.

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All about code

[pimatic-wunderground]: syntax error when receiving data

I installed the Wunderground plugin and included the plugin and a devive in my Pimatic JSON.

I now run into this issue:
I now see in the pimatic-daemon.log:

21:00:04.408 [pimatic-wunderground] info: Reloading history weather data... 21:00:04.730 [pimatic-wunderground] warn: [SyntaxError: Unexpected token ]

See also

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All about rules and script develpopment
MQTT Publish: Could not find an provider

I can confirm Homeduino works with Node.js 4.9.1 / 8.16.x / 10.15.x / 10.16.x. It won’t work with Node 12, however. Same holds for pimatic-mqtt as far as I can tell.

The problem here is that Node 4.6.x is just too old. Users planning upgrade are advised to switch to Node 10. It should be noted “upgrade” really means “reinstallation”.

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Please report bugs on github!

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