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I also updated to 9.53. It seems (almost) everything to work. But I can also confirm the problem with the log display.

There is nothing displayed.

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere

@bertreb said in Smartmeter2:

I did a short check on SML and Volkszaehler and it seems that my plugin is not able to read the data. Probably you need a plugin with capabilities based on the smartmeter-obis library. I assume you did look already at the pimatic-volkzaehler plugin?

I am not using the plugin. I have installed VZLogger and read the output via LogWatcher into Pimatic. But I am still watching for a more simple way.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
control visibility via device status

@lschip The feature had been releases with pimatic-mobile-frontend@0.9.13 (April 2018)! Let me give it a try with css-inject as I have only tried this on the browser console

EDIT: Works for me! At least it works for me for items which are only shown on a single page. Please note you need create a CssInjectDevice and add it to one of the pages.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
REST-API Cheat Sheet

works! thank you very much

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Discussion about Hardware.
1 wire hall sensor


I’m thinking to build an 1 wire hall sensor using an analog hall sensor connected to a DS2450 A/D converter. I need this to sense a big number of windows state in a building (closed, tilted or fully opened). Can i use the ds18b20 plugin to do this?


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All about rules and script develpopment
Watchdog Devices
valve of schlafzimmer-heizung was not updated for 8 hours

That`s ok!

Another problem is, the values received are always the same, so I would still need to query the values ​​of whether to change in the period of 8 hours, this is not the case, it should be reported.


EDIT: Please do not use external image web-sites. You can upload images directly to the forum site as part of you post. Thanks

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Please report bugs on github!

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