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Released pimatic-iframe@0.3.1
fixed typo in code which caused div height not set properly with scaled iframe, issue #15

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Help, homeduino not working anymore [Solved]

Any news on this one? I haven’t seen any progress in the git repository. @DaanNL Are you planning to push your changes to the repo anytime soon? Would be a pity if all your work was lost.

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ESPimatic mit DeepSleep

Bei mir ist die Reichweite kein Problem. Was hast du denn für HF Receiver genommen? Es gibt da echt unterschiedliche und einige verweigerten sogar komplett den Dienst. Welchen Kondensator hast du genommen? Denn ohne Funktioniert das überhaupt nicht. Dann natürlich die Örtlichen Gegebenheiten. Wo steht der Receiver? Bekommt der Sensor ordentlich Strom? Wie hast du den Sensor aufgebaut? Wo steht der Sensor? Im welchen Gehäuse sitzt der Sensor. Wie weit ist die Strecke zwischen Sensor und Receiver? Schon mal ein Node ausgetestet?

Also bei mir zuhause habe ich in der einen Ecke im zweiten Stock den Receiver und im ersten einen Strombetriebenen Sensor der auch als Relay fungiert und das Funktioniert aktuell einwandfrei.

Dafür funktioniert mein NodeMCU nicht. Auch per Strom betrieben, schicke ich den in DeepSleep und das funktioniert 1,5 Tage und danach wars das.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
[solved]Summary of Rules

Hallo, V1per
Thanks for the tip. You start with the “Groups”, only then does it continue with the “Rules”. Thank you.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
How to get "echo" to valid property ?

@michbeck100 sad… maybe i will change later from max q3 heatings to zwave heatings… for is already a skill but first i will wait and hope =)

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Discussion about Hardware.
Kerui M8 RF Doorbell and Alarm device

Hey guys!

Having another gadget here for you : the Kerui M8 Doorbell and Alarm device

(my pimatic coffee cup as size comparison ;))

With this device you are having several possibilities :

Doorbell Nightlight Alarm (very loud!) Welcome Voice (useless, since the voice is not clearly understandable) Doorbell / Music device playing MP3 from MicroSD card!

All these functions can be triggered with a HomeduinoRF buttonsdevice.

{ "buttons": [ { "id": "tuerklingel", "text": "Tuerklingel", "protocols": [ { "name": "switch5", "options": { "id": 139364, "unit": 0, "state": true, "all": true }, "rfrepeats": 11 } ] }, { "id": "mp3klingel", "text": "Mp3 Klingel", "protocols": [ { "name": "switch5", "options": { "id": 139365, "unit": 0, "state": true, "all": true }, "rfrepeats": 11 } ] }, { "id": "nachtlicht", "text": "Nachtlicht", "protocols": [ { "name": "switch22", "options": { "id": 69393, "command": "A" }, "rfrepeats": 11 } ] }, { "id": "alarm", "text": "Alarm", "protocols": [ { "name": "switch22", "options": { "id": 69393, "command": "D" }, "rfrepeats": 11 } ] }, { "id": "scharfschalten", "text": "Alarm ein", "protocols": [ { "name": "switch22", "options": { "id": 69393, "command": "C" }, "rfrepeats": 11 } ] }, { "id": "entschaerfen", "text": "Alarm aus", "protocols": [ { "name": "switch22", "options": { "id": 69393, "command": "B" }, "rfrepeats": 11 } ] } ], "echo": { "additionalNames": [] }, "id": "klingel", "name": "Klingel", "class": "HomeduinoRFButtonsDevice" }

You are able to trigger the functions of the device with the doorbell button and with the 4-button remote.

You have to learn a Button for each function, so did I for the MP3 Music feature. Now i’m having Metallica’s “for whom the bell tolls” as doorbell :laughing:
(for teaching a Button to the device without remote just take my above device, set the M8 doorbell into learning mode at the desired function like doorbell, nightlight etc … and press the button in pimatic.

the doorbell button can be used as switch 5, the 4-buttons remote has the switch 22 protocol. the buttons are then segmented as command A to D
I raised the RF repeats to 11 so the RF reception of the M8 Doorbell is better then.

Another interesting thing is that you can arm/disarm the alarm sound for the device. You are able to easily create an alarm system with pimatic. Unfortunately the alarm does not continue until it is disabled. The siren will shrill for approx 30 seconds.
But that shouldn’t be a problem at all since you can trigger the alarm with rules or with a PIR for example.

On the backside of the device you will find the buttons for the several modes, on the bottom there you will see the SD-slot AND a mico USB jack for power! Very nice :)

Now have fun with the Kerui M8 Doorbell device and let the “Hells Bells” ring :smiling_imp:

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All about code

New pimatic tradfri plugin / IKEA Smart Lights

I have not found a way yet. But I’m trying …

@ all
I have a RGB Bulb now and it is integrated and works well.
I’m making action providers an fix some bugs …
In some days I will release a new version.

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All about rules and script develpopment
Sonoff Tasmota with BME280

Now I have it.
I have anew provided the MQTTSensor Device. And then every sensor individually added.
Now it seems to work.

Many thanks for the help. Sometimes one needs a shove in the right direction.

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