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Something to 'learn' about HF tech

Hi, that’s really to wonder about, but there must be some interferences coming from the Nano (what I believe more), or from the transmitter.
By moving the receiver closer or more far from the others, he receives more or less.
When I wrapped an aluminium foil around the other parts (photo), I’m able to move the receiver complete close to the others and he receives everything. So they do definitely influence him.
I‘m also thinking about my former issue with the damaged transmitter (WLAN problem), … what if he damaged also, however, the Nano?
Ok, to Test in addition this, I will have to flash my spare Nano, which I will do the next days.
Otherwise I have to work a bit with the foil in the box 😉

PS. For sure I yesterday already tested other antenna lengths (Lamba/2, standard: Lambda/4) and definitely for sure I only use vertically oriented antennas 😉

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Pimatic PWA

@dasmaetthes said in Pimatic PWA:

progessive web app

I guess it already is one ;) depends very much on how you define an pwa

I’m using it via “add to homescreen” in iOS basically since the beginning. For push you still need the backend infrastructure as far as I know.

HTPPS/SSL should not be a problem as it is supported by the mobile frontend. I was using it with a self signed certificate for some time and am now using it with let’s encrypt without problems.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Amazon Echo / Alexa

Donation at this point is not the big effort if you must pay AWS monthly… The only way to go strait and get money to get support with another payed service you must get money for this skill… But at the end, how many users are really use this service and how many people pay your for that.

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Discussion about Hardware.
How to handle ZigBee Gledopto RGB-CCT Controller

Setting color to #abcdef and dim level to 70 turns the stripe on and automatically the spot off.

Setting color temp to 100 turns the spot on and automatically turns the stripe off.

This would be okay for me. But I don’t see a chance to turn both off.

dim to 0 let’s the stripe still glow in dark red :(

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All about code

New plugin for TP-Link SmartPlugs HS100 and HS110

today I got my 2nd HS110 with HW 2.0 -> switching yes, measurements not… same as you all.
With the fork of @mwittig it works well. But when will this find its way to the official plugin as an update?

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All about rules and script develpopment
Unipi relay switching and then switching back immediately when rule triggers

Okay, then the only working solution with one rule would be to toggle the relay because it could only have 2 different values (on/off). If the current state is wrong, it could only be the other one ;)

when every 5s and $relay-5.state is not $relay5_due_state then toggle $relay-5 and log "corrected relay5 to $relay5_due_state"

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