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@bertreb with 10.22.1 the installation process finished. Will now use my old config.json I used before…

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HTTPS access: This Certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted certification authority

Hi there,

I’ve been looking for answers on how to solve this issue, without success.

I’m using SSL to access to my pimatic (through https url). To set this up, I followed the tutorial in pimatic webpage ( I manage to access, but the certificate is not properly verified (i.e. web explorer sees my pimatic as “not secure”.

Even if I download the certificate in the remote machine (through mydomain/root-ca-cert.crt) but the problem is not solved.

I realised that the certificate I can download from above url is “issued to”, while the one when accessing to the webpage is “issued to” mydomain. I guess this is what is causing the problem, but I don’t know how to solve this.

Any idea?


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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Add poll/survey plugin to

Here you can also find the list of best WordPress survey plugins:

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Mathematical function in Cronotherm plugin rule

Hi, i assume the "$thermo_e.temperature” < “$e_heat.result” + 1 expression is not working.
The syntax should be $thermo_e.temperature < $e_heat.result + 1 (without the " around the variables)

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Discussion about Hardware.
ZigBee Shutter Control not working - missing RaspBee Shutter Device

Thanks, it worked!
I was on that page but, however didn’t scroll down. Maybe as on my monitor that commenting field ends quiet well in the bottom of my monitor and thus didn’t realize, that there is something below :-)

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All about code

OWJS plugin problem

Now I tried to install raspbian lite and owserver with DS2482 on I2C.
It works.
Can you show your owfs.conf?
I have already encountered this error. The SD card was defective.
I run pimatic-owjs on node 10 and DietPi without any problems.

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All about rules and script develpopment
Rule for change rate of a boolean device

@bertreb Thanks, that helps. Not realy straigtforward but it works. Tricky, as not otherwise expected with pimatic ;-)

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