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Nah, it’s still fine for me (nodejs v10.20.1)

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Pimatic dumps - JS stack trace

I found the problem. My old config contains an external HDD where I have stored my cam recordings. In the current intermediate solution I skipped this HDD.
I have three related rules for this missing HDD in my pimatic config. The system was not able to start due to this simple rules like:

{ "id": "festplattenspeicher-alarm", "name": "Festplattenspeicher Alarm", "rule": "when $festplatte >= 90 then execute \"$sendeTelegramText 'Festplattenbelegung liegt bei über $festplatte%!' Daniel\"", "active": true, "logging": true },

Any idea how I can extend the command df -h | grep motionEye | awk '{print $5}' | cut -c 1-2 so that it works regardless of whether the disk is attached or not?

{ "attributeName": "festplattenspeicher", "attributeType": "number", "command": "df -h | grep motionEye | awk '{print $5}' | cut -c 1-2", "interval": 60000, "id": "festplattenspeicher", "name": "Festplatte", "class": "ShellSensor", "echo": {} },

Currently I put there an echo 0 to bring the system up…

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
robotic vacuum ecovacs-deebot ozmo 950 and etc

Yes is ok ;)

I have open a ticket on github
github feature request

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Pimatic not running as 'service'

Thats sounds ok again.
I do an automated backup of my config.json every week to dropbox and use pimatic-save plugin for that (i made it for this purpose:))
If Z-Wave is troublesome there are enough alternatives. I’m using pimatic-raspbee for a lot of my devices (ikea, philips, xiaomi, etc).
And i’m using mqtt for some smartplugs (with tasmota) for power management.

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Discussion about Hardware.
Outdoor Switch Silvercrest RCR DR3711-A]

Re: Outdoor Switch Silvercrest RCR DR3711-A

My solution for using the Silvercrest and Homeduino:

Use RcSwitch ReceiveDemo_Advanced.ino for retrieving the digital codes: e.g. 4098844 Add a HomeduinoRfSwitch and select the rawswitch protocol Generate the numeric Pulselength array: [380,1140,2280] The pulsesOn/Off are generated using the following script

var A = [4098844, 3823036] // A[0] = on-code, A[1] = off-code
var B = [3763461, 4007893]
var C = [3882126, 3666030]
var D = [3162775, 4179511]
var Master = [3699490, 4098834]

var bucket = [380, 1140, 2280]
var index = [1, 3, 6]
var protocol = { pulseLength: 380, syncFactor: { high: 1, low: 6 }, zero: { high: 1, low: 3 }, one: { high: 3, low: 1 }, invertedSignal: false }

var pulsesGenerate = (value: number, length: number) => {
let signal = [];
let pulses = ‘’

for (let i = length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { if (value & (1 << i)) { signal.push(index.findIndex(a => a === signal.push(index.findIndex(a => a === } else { signal.push(index.findIndex(a => a === signal.push(index.findIndex(a => a === } } signal.push(index.findIndex(a => a === protocol.syncFactor.high)) signal.push(index.findIndex(a => a === protocol.syncFactor.low)) => pulses += a) return pulses


pulsesOn = pulsesGenerate(A[0],24)
pulsesOff = pulsesGenerate(A[1],24)

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All about rules and script develpopment
Rule for change rate of a boolean device

@bertreb Thanks, that helps. Not realy straigtforward but it works. Tricky, as not otherwise expected with pimatic ;-)

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Please report bugs on github!

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