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@Andi-Tudor Ok, great to hear. I should have asked you about your plugin config. My fault

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
IRS2092S based projects

Hey, guys!
I’ve decided to order some parts online and have some fun and build a class D amp for home listening with loudspeakers. 
I haven’t seen too many projects with people using IRS2092S based boards that have a lot of details. Many of them are simply short youtube videos that don’t go into any detail. 
Does anyone have any experience with these boards for DIY? Pro and Con? 
My build is consisting of 2 of the 150w units for stereo sound and I have also ordered a tube preamp and some VU meters and a passive tone board and fingers are crossed I can get it all working nicely together and have some fun along the way. 
Any info on these boards would be greatly appreciated.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Support for Eufy RoboVac Products

Hey folks,

did someone try to connect pimatic with Eufy’s (or Anker) RoboVacs?

there is a library out there on GitHub but I don’t know how to use it within pimatic…

Kind Regards,

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Rhasspy voice control integration for pimatic

Hey @crispy,

thank you for pointing me to this software. I was looking for something like this for ages: an offline voice assistant that can still do some basic tasks.

I tried to implement this, but with a little different approach to the intent handling. I wanted to use a MQTT-device to evaluate the speech recognition. In my MQTT I can see the correct message, but I don’t know how to get a MQTT sensor to show the correct values based on the json message. Maybe someone could help out?
Here is the message published to hermes/intent/intentname

{ "input" : "schalte das Licht Arbeitszimmer Keller aus", "intent" : { "intentName" : "ChangeLightState", "confidenceScore" : 1.0 }, "siteId" : "Tester", "id" : null, "slots" : [ { "entity" : "name", "value" : { "kind" : "Unknown", "value" : "Arbeitszimmer Keller" }, "slotName" : "name", "rawValue" : "arbeitszimmer keller", "confidence" : 1.0, "range" : { "start" : 18, "end" : 38, "rawStart" : 18, "rawEnd" : 38 } }, { "entity" : "state", "value" : { "kind" : "Unknown", "value" : "aus" }, "slotName" : "state", "rawValue" : "aus", "confidence" : 1.0, "range" : { "start" : 39, "end" : 42, "rawStart" : 39, "rawEnd" : 42 } } ], "sessionId" : "Tester-default-7672fba5-f36e-4251-a83c-acf1f1eb7bce", "customData" : "default", "asrTokens" : [ [ { "value" : "schalte", "confidence" : 1.0, "rangeStart" : 0, "rangeEnd" : 7, "time" : null }, { "value" : "das", "confidence" : 1.0, "rangeStart" : 8, "rangeEnd" : 11, "time" : null }, { "value" : "Licht", "confidence" : 1.0, "rangeStart" : 12, "rangeEnd" : 17, "time" : null }, { "value" : "Arbeitszimmer", "confidence" : 1.0, "rangeStart" : 18, "rangeEnd" : 31, "time" : null }, { "value" : "Keller", "confidence" : 1.0, "rangeStart" : 32, "rangeEnd" : 38, "time" : null }, { "value" : "aus", "confidence" : 1.0, "rangeStart" : 39, "rangeEnd" : 42, "time" : null } ] ], "asrConfidence" : 1.0, "rawInput" : "schalte das licht arbeitszimmer keller aus", "wakewordId" : "default", "lang" : null }

I would like to directly use the slotnames name and state as attributes of the sensor device, but don’t know how to adress them…

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Discussion about Hardware.
HTTP POST with a Ethernet-Arduino

Yes may be…
Its easy…

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All about code

New plugin pimatic-hass

@bertreb That did it. I must have skipped the fact that a hass device could and needs to be created. I thought “plugin and thats it, that does it”.

Thank you so much for dealing with my stupidity!

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All about rules and script develpopment
How to control onkyo receiver

no, I didn’t, but it was actually a clean basic installation with a clean installation of the script with this lines
but i will set up a completely new system with pimtaic for testing

sudo apt install python3-pip
pip3 install
export PATH=${PATH}:/home/pi/.local/bin
onkyo --discover

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