Questions about the release of v0.9

Beginner Question 433 MHZ NANOCul Migration from FHEM

Well the integration of fhem still needs to be improved a lot. There is the homegear plugin. Or maybe the coc plugin. But sorry I have no more information on these. Give them a try.

Another possibility could be to use our homeduino solution either with a Arduino or an esp8266 (as ESPimaticRF)
Can you give us more information about the 433mhz devices you want to switch? Brand/Type number etc … Possibly we’re already having a rf integration.

Check here to learn more

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Important community news
pimatic wiki available now!!

Seems ok. Probably my phones fault.

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
json to device

@wutu I Know this is an old post, but I cannot seem to find out what you mean. I get an mqtt topic from my tv that gives me the followin payload in Json form. How can I get only certain values to a variable of mqttsensor? I would like to get the channelNumber and the channelName

{ "val": "8", "lgtv": { "subscribed": true, "channelId": "3_33_8_8_2100_19442_1536", "signalChannelId": "2100_19442_1536", "channelModeId": 1, "channelModeName": "Cable", "channelTypeId": 4, "channelTypeName": "Cable Digital TV", "channelNumber": "8", "channelName": "Veronica HD / Disney XD", "physicalNumber": 33, "isSkipped": false, "isLocked": false, "isDescrambled": false, "isScrambled": true, "isFineTuned": false, "isInvisible": false, "isHEVCChannel": false, "favoriteGroup": null, "hybridtvType": "HBBTV", "dualChannel": { "dualChannelId": null, "dualChannelTypeId": null, "dualChannelTypeName": null, "dualChannelNumber": null } } }

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Alexa AWS Custom Skill

@Felix-Haverkamp said in Alexa AWS Custom Skill:

anyone is interested in a little “how to” for controlling pimatic with node-red / alexa?

currently i implemented:
% , -%, +%, ON,OFF

examples in german:

alexa, tisch 20% -> switches tisch light to 20%
alexa, decke heller -> gets current brightness level of pimatic light and add 25% to that value
alexa, küche aus -> light in kitchen off
alexa, küche 55% heller -> gets current brightness level of pimatic light and add 55% to that value


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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
6. Homeduino RF Devices Turnwheel Codes

The following is a transcript of an earlier post from @leader21 on github:

Having another sleepless night and trying to do something useful though, so I created a table with all 256 Intertechno / Trust / KaKu / CoCo / Düwi etc. turnwheel codes. The devices are having two wheels from A-P and 1-16, so there are 256 possible codes, looks similar like this here :


Here are all 256 possible turnwheel codes:

turnwheel codes

In the table the ID is the first number, then comes the UNIT.
So lets say, you are setting up a turn wheel code G-5, the table says ID 22 | UNIT 19
Your device at the config.json would look like this:

{ "id": "switch-livingroom", "name": "Light Switch Livingroom", "class": "HomeduinoRFSwitch", "protocols": [ { "name": "switch4", "options": { "unit": 19, "id": 22 } } ] },

Hope this helps to set up some switches or devices without having a receiver hooked up at your hardware setup.


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Discussion about Hardware.
Moodlight Mysensors

@Gleno0h Ou. Yes! i change it in the first line :)

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All about rules and script develpopment
Script: Show how long it'll take you to get to work

@leader21 Nothing to the script was changed. There are no invisible characters or anything else. As i already told, i think it`s maybe an issue with the bing service … due to it was running fine for some month.

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