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Release pimatic-raspbee@0.1.6

Hi @kosta, thanks very much :thumbsup:
Does this update eventually also tackle my demand with regard to the shutter device?

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
30 days graph shows the same data as 7 days graph

:fearful: So long here and never checked this simple thing… Thx, I am always learning!

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Regex Website Parser

Humidity and obsTimeLocal are indeed without metric. The whole returnvalue object is:

{ "observations": [ { "stationID": "xxxxxx", "obsTimeUtc": "2020-08-28T00:04:17Z", "obsTimeLocal": "2020-08-28 02:04:17", "neighborhood": "Räbke", "softwareType": "EasyWeatherV1.5.1", "country": "DE", "solarRadiation": 0, "lon": 10.859, "realtimeFrequency": null, "epoch": 1598573057, "lat": 52.191, "uv": 0, "winddir": 155, "humidity": 75, "qcStatus": 1, "metric": { "temp": 15, "heatIndex": 15, "dewpt": 11, "windChill": 15, "windSpeed": 4, "windGust": 4, "pressure": 1009.31, "precipRate": 0, "precipTotal": 0, "elev": 171 } } ] }

if you only want the string values for date and time you can use

mydate = obsTimeLocal.split(' ')[0] mytime = obsTimeLocal.split(' ')[1]

If you want to do datetime manipulations and formatting you need to create a Datetime object with -> datetime-object = new Date(obsTimeUtc);

But i think string splitting is what you need.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Mathematical function in Cronotherm plugin rule

How can be done this:

“when “$thermo_e.temperature” < “$e_heat.result” + 1 then switch button_heat_e on”

how need to be use the “+ 1” expression?

thank you

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Discussion about Hardware.
Intertechno ITL-500 shuttercontrol with homeduino plugin

i am using an older itl-500 shutter controller.
I want to steer it with homeduino plugin.
Driver: GPIO
Pin: GPIO 2
Transmitting only

This posts informs about the compatibility between itl 500 and homeduino plugin. Switch 1 Protocol should be used…

But if i want to decode the B (housecode or id) to F000 as this fhem posts says:
the plugin repots : id musst be a number
Which number do i have to use for Housecode B? 01000010 =binary alphabet B

Thanks for help

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All about code

New plugin pimatic-sounds

Hi, I like to ask if you could supress the initial “blupp” which is played before every main volume change somehow?

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All about rules and script develpopment
Rule for change rate of a boolean device

@bertreb Thanks, that helps. Not realy straigtforward but it works. Tricky, as not otherwise expected with pimatic ;-)

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