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Released pimatic@0.9.43

I had this issue at the day the update was pushed out. Since then I have done several other updates to 0.9.43 but always manual from command line: npm update pimatic without any problems

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Another home automation project

@bill-blacksoll said in Another home automation project:

Now i want to do the same to a friends house and i’m thinking of Neuron M103

I gave up this idea…
I used the new rpi 3+ with a wd120gb ssd and a z-wave usb stick. For light control ikea tradfri with pimatic-tradfri and z-wave with some Door/Window sensors from Devolo. This device has a contact sensor, temperature sensor and lightness sensor included. The final setup will include Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor to add some 1wire sensors and relays for hot water temperature control and maybe a zwave thermostat for heating.

Much cheaper from neuron and almost no wires with zwave and tradfri. Working great so far but time will tell.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Extend Timer Device with Countdown Option

@djmvt I am glad that you agree. Why not upvoting this feature request? For the future of Pimatic it is important to improve the core.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Problems to config the HomeduinoRFGenericSensor

‘Type’, and ‘Value’ make no sense under Protocol in the edit dialog. ‘Positive’ is unclear for me. It shoud be optional with default value.

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Discussion about Hardware.
Smart Doorlock/Doorbell with WeMos D1 Mini

@s7en said in Smart Doorlock/Doorbell with WeMos D1 Mini:

but I do not know how to load the Github zip on the W1 Mini.

Which zip file?

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All about rules and script develpopment
Relay control via ShellButtons

Thanks, but i have changed my project. Yet i only need 2 fan stages, and this I controll about the relais NC, or NO.

Do you know, how i should post a question about the Xiaomi Plant sensor for Pimatic?? Its not easy for a beginner like me.

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