Important community news
20200217, V0.3.3 Added support for digital outputs provided with Neuron boards (needs testing) Added automatic build and testing for node 10

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Sunrise and Sunset plugin

its a dedicated type of solution, the more generic solution should come from the maintainer @mwittig

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
robotic vacuum ecovacs-deebot ozmo 950 and etc

I can also provide mine, but please briefly notify me before cleaning. Because not that my little daughter wakes up if she sleeps or scares my wife;)

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Proxmox - Virtual Container - Make your Smarthome Services Virtual

Looks absolutely brilliant!
Got almost the same situation here, running on 2 Pi’s. One old 1b for pihole (doesn’t need resources so that’s absolutely fine).
And a 3b running fully on a 160GB SSD with pimatic, Apache2, mosquito, node-red and a full desktop that can be accessed with vnc.

I’ve tried ditching the 1b but ran into problems like you described so pihole stays on it’s own pi.

Maybe I will go the proxmox road someday. For now I can manage the Pi’s so thanks for the explanation!

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Discussion about Hardware.
433 mhz rainmeter

@karl78 Don’t know if you already solved it, but this is how it looks like in my frontend:
If you still need it, I can post my rules and devices. All are Variabledevices, except Regenmeter which is the Ventus W174 and is configured as HomeduinoRFWeatherStation

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All about code

New plugin pimatic-sounds

I published a version 0.0.28 of Sounds.
Some changes in this version;

a 10 minutes heartbeat if devices are/where offline discovery only via the GUI status and info fields should follow whats happening

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All about rules and script develpopment
See power consumption of tasmota plugs in pimatic

@bertreb thanks! Got it working already :)

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Please report bugs on github!

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