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pimatic, What will happen next?

Hello everybody, I’d like to know if anyone knows where pimatic is going?
I think it’s a very nice and welcoming system. With Pimatic even someone who doesn’t know how to program can build his own smart home, and has even more possibilities than with these other finished products. You even save a lot of money. All these finished products are offered at such an overpriced price…
But somehow the air seems to be out of pimatic for some months now. There are hardly any updates for plugins anymore, there is no pimatic update for the funny 0.9.43 update, (with that many users had problems).
What’s the next step? Is it coming to an end? It would be a shame.
It seems helpers are going, too? I can’t see @leader21 for months. And others don’t either.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
"rollingTime" option for HomeduinoRFShutter

Well, I finally found out how to upvote…

Btw: is there an option to find out, if the (dummy-)shutter is UP or DOWN or read the percentage respectively? Otherwise that would also be a feature that would need implemented to make it work properly for me.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Pimatic & Node 8.0

@michbeck100 said in Pimatic & Node 8.0:

@ortin The current version. Can’t remember the exact version. Why are you asking?
Are we talking about problems when installing or problems when running pimatic?

I am running on 0.9.42. I tried many times to install 0.9.43 or 0.9.44a. But it doesn’t work… If you run newer then 0.9.42 then I really like to know how you did it.

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Discussion about Hardware.
Wall switch with Sonoff and optocoupler

Hello, and sorry for the late answer. I think I had contact problems at the beginning. Test circuit, plug contacts, whatever…
After I had screwed all the contacts it worked.
I don’t have this circuit running anywhere yet. But I have run it for a week as a test. It worked without any problems.
The circuit exactly as I had drawn it.
On the Sonoff runs tasmota. Not the original software!
This is how a hardware/software switch works. Only that there is a permanent power consumption, in contrast to a pure hardware change-over switch.

Probably you’re right and it’s the better solution to switch the phase.
And you pinch lamps or other consumers like that. But in this case it’s really uninteresting which side is switched.

But the most important thing is, nobody who doesn’t know anything about it should screw around with 230V.

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All about code

echo- plugin and Echo Dot (3. Generation)

my fast way to ALEXA is with extra PI B+ and ioBroker (Pimatic- Adapter + Cloud- Adapter) and skill for the 433MHz Devices. The Raspbeegateway and the Sonoff(Tasmota) are without skill kompatible to ALEXA.


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All about rules and script develpopment
Using curl command with correct syntax in rule

Seems there is a need for a Panasonic Viera plugin?

I ordered a Panasonic OLED last weekend and will give it a try when the TV is delivered.

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