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Released pimatic-iframe@0.3.1
fixed typo in code which caused div height not set properly with scaled iframe, issue #15

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
connect Pimatic to Victron-server via MQTT

@wutu Thank you very much! Great work!

After updating to the new version, MQTT works very well with a pem/crt file.

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Deutsches Hilfeforum

Rauchmelder Sebson GS558 mit Homeduino

Hallo zusammen,

gibt es bereits Erfahrungen mit besagtem 433 Mhz Funk-Rauchmelder in Verbindung mit dem Homeduino Plugin? sprich: Protokoll Implementierung oder auch einfach nur sniffed RAW Data?

Danke und beste Grüße,

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Invert function for contacts

Ok, that’s already in master. To be released soon

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Link, Download file

I am sorry, I had to tell, its not a picture but a MP4 file from my webcam.
And I don’t want to open it in the Pimatic Gui but in my browser.

This works now with Xlink but only with a fixed filename…:

I like to open it with:$IpCamera-Achter-LastRecord

which doesn’t work…

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Discussion about Hardware.
RF Gas sensor/detector Kerui KR-GD23

just to let you know about my installation

works perfectly with a nice pushover rule (the message text just says that a high amount of gas is detected)
WHEN Gasdetector signals presence THEN push title:"GAS ALARM !!" message:"Es befindet sich eine hohe Konzentration an Erdgas im Heizungsraum." priority:2 sound:"siren" retry:30 expire:3600

This rule is fired either when pushing the test button on the device or when the concentration of gas exeeds the given threshold.

you will be notified on pushover with an alarm sound even if the phone is muted.
priority 2 is the highest, so use this only for alarm messages.
you are also triggered to acknowledge the message, otherwise pushover will retry (resend) every 30 seconds a notificaion alarm for the expire time of 3600 seconds (1 hour, max 3 hours)

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All about code

New Plugin: SamsungTV_2016

have a look at “devices” menu. there you can create a new device with the specific type.
unfortunatly it doesnt work anymore at my installation as i said above :arrow_up:

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All about rules and script develpopment
Rule for MAX! radiator thermostat


I have integrated a MAX! thermostat into Pimatic. If it is in automatic mode and changes from’ eco’ to’ comfy’, I would like to activate the ‘boost’ mode. ‘eco’ is set to 17°C, ‘comfy’ to 23°C.

I have written the following rule:
When $room.temperatureSetpoint increased then set mode of room to "boost"

If I switch from’ eco’ to’ comfy’ in Pimatic, the’ boost’ mode will not be activated. What am I doing wrong?

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