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@Gleno0h the Dutch forum was basically ironically said… so no worries

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Itead SonOff devices and Pimatic

@Nathan-Quick said in Itead SonOff devices and Pimatic:

Thank you both. That’s excellent and I’ve now got a toggle button to turn it on. I just need to work out how to change the button to a sliding one that provides status, it is just a touch button at the moment. I’ve also added the power so can see it in real time.

Well, if you could read out the current state, you could set a variable and adjust the slider through a rule.

Just need a shell sensor that cURL’s the state, then set a variable based on that and change the switch based on the variable.

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Sensoren über WiFi integrieren?

So, das Projekt mit MySensors läuft auch (Serial Gateway / PIR). Hat eigentlich ganz gut hingehauen, nur die Einstellungen in dem Pimatic-Device für die IDs war ein ganz schönes Gefrickel. Habs aber hier gefunden: Aber so ist das, wenn man erst anfängt und dann liest :-)
Meine Begeisterung von Pimatic wächst stetig mit der Sicht auf die Möglichkeiten.


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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
attribute 'discrete' for MySensors devices

Sorry, when I ask again. I am not a developer, but I guess it could not be a great thing to implement.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Pimatic & Node 8.0

@shgmongo Try to run the container with option “-e TZ=Europe/Berlin”. If this does not help special action may be required to build the docker image including timezone maps and to setup the timezone as part of the entrypoint run script. For example:

Docker build RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y tzdata Docker entrypoint script # check if TZ is set, set to UTC otherwise, then execute: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive tzdata

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Discussion about Hardware.
Self - Ad iOS App Pimate

there seems to be a problem in the api-implementation of the wemo-plugin or in

when I use the toggle function i get this error:

success false
message “Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined”

I opened an issue on github, but im not 100% sure what causes the error

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All about code

OTGW all data to Pimatic


Good to hear :) never had time to rename and add option to switch off classes in the GUI. Almost no one is working on the OTGW code anymore. but please share the code with anyone.

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Please report bugs on github!

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