Questions about the release of v0.9

repair broken DB

Yeah this works!

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Important community news

I love you guys.
After updating today to v0.9 I wanna marry somebody… Works like a charm!

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Toon on Pimatic via Z-way

@Gleno0h I don’t mind using scripts, the only problem with the git you send me: I don’t have a Eneco contract anymore, and was wondering if i could get the data without getting a new contract with them.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
oops timeout

@hansjeu I use following script with crontab to make sure it is running;

#!/bin/bash SERVICE=pimatic if P=$(pgrep $SERVICE) then echo "$SERVICE is running, PID is $P" else echo "$SERVICE is not running" node /usr/local/bin/pimatic.js start fi

Save it as, do chmod +x and add to crontab -e

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Homeduino : connecting multiple arduino.

Running two pimatic servers now in parallel. Both implemented on Pi B+. Starting since 24-12-2014 with version 0.8.30. Now running one on 0.8.101 and one for test on 0.9.32 since a few days.

Both rocket stable with on this moment a minor date related bug.

Interfacing with homeduino, weather, mqtt, rest api, mysensors using also cron, shell execute, ping, dewpoint, pushover, iframe, location.

Switching more than 10 devices, reading sensors temp, hum, pir, p1 port of smart meter and reading solar panel data, combining this info and automate and securing my home.

Starting small but at this moment tons of rule to automate everything.

Interfacing through the rest api heavely with Esp8266 sensor, input and display devices.

Bugs are fixed quickly and the is an active support community to help you out.

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Discussion about Hardware.
Weight Sensor

that’s a very interesting and cool project!
am curious about your findings too
maybe you should open a new hardware thread for this project if you want to share it with us…

yes, sure… i will do if they will work

i have to say the inventor for this project was my dad. he’s afraid of burglaries coming from the east… so he asks me for a device like that

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All about code

Kodi: pimatic addon (KODI-Addon) UPDATE 28.09.16

Thanks for the plugin. Works great on LibreELEC 7.0.2.

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All about rules and script develpopment
Turn off all devices when Philips Hue Tap switch is pressed

@Gleno0h Yeah good point, this will work. But in my case it does not happen instantly. I actually want to see it happen right away (so i’m sure it’s turned off). My phone location updates every 15 minutes I could make it update more frequent but that will probably kill my battery. Actually pretty happy with the way it’s working now. Almost instant response and only encountered one problem in an other rule which is my ‘sleep’ rule it plays music and then turns off the lights but I could easily fix this to make it turn on the music after the lights were out.

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Please report bugs on github!