Questions about the release of v0.9

After clean install, no sql installation possible

Yes this could be a problem. Consider to install the filesystem on a USB HDD or SSD drive to prevent corrupted files/data

Here is a good howto

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Important community news
pimatic wiki available now!!

Hey community!
Good news! We are now having a WIKI 😁

As Marcus already said here Pimatic documentation:

Following earlier requests for better documentation and for collaborative tools to allow users for contributing to the documentation, a Wiki has been setup. The new Wiki already contains a major part of the pimatic-guide. The Wiki is kindly provided by Teamemo, a company which has been co-founded by @sweetpi.

Our wiki willl be a commumity project. So feel free to sign up and take part.
Please use your pimatic forum user nickname so there will be no confusion.
The wiki is part of the pimatic project and therefore we referr to our forum guidelines which will be valid for wiki too!

Thx again to @sweetpi for his great work on the wiki software! Now it’s up to us to fill it with content!

Now have fun with the wiki!

P.S. Gonna make a wiki button at the upper forum menu bar tomorrow

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Help, homeduino not working anymore


I havn’t the new Version installed.

root@pimatic:~# gpio -v
gpio version: 2.36

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Pushover messages in html format

just tested this. at the moment it is not possible.
guess the plugin needs to be changed for that.
@mwittig marcus do you have any idea?

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
homeduino and arduino mega 2560 on raspberry pi


i just set up pimatic yesterday, so you could say i am an absolute beginner.

tried setting up homeduino with my arduino (and without it), but no success either way.

(without arduino)

rpi 3.3V -> breadboard +
rpi GND -> breadboard -

433receiver -> breadboard +, breadboard -, rpi #18 (wiringpi 1)
433transmitter -> bb+. bb-, rpi #17 (wiringpi 0)

Installed homeduino plugin, set it up as gpio, transmit and receive, debug on, gpios 1 and 0. no success, meaning when I went to messages -> homeduino -> all (info, debug, error, …) I got no messages at all.

however, i had also pilight on my rpi, so I tested using pilight-send and pilight-receive: both worked fine. So I assume my hardware is not broken.

(with arduino clone Funduino MEGA 2560)

went by this tutorial ( I double- and tripple-checked, D2 and D4 on this board are simply called 2 and 4 (just above RX0 and TX0).
According to dmesg, the board has been named /dev/ttyACM0, so I changed both values in the Makefile:

# Uses BOARD_TAG = mega2560 ARDUINO_LIBS = SerialCommand RFControl Keypad DHTlib USER_LIB_PATH := $(realpath ./libraries) MONITOR_PORT = /dev/ttyACM0 ARDMK_DIR := $(realpath ./arduino-mk) include $(ARDMK_DIR)/

sudo make upload successfully did its thing without errors; I had forgotten to change the monitor port before and got connectivity problems, so I guess this time everything went the way it ways supposed to.

Still, no success.

What am I doing wrong? My hardware is obviously working fine, at least the receiver and transmitter are. My funduino ought to be fine as well (and even if it was not, connecting my 433 modules directly to my pi should have worked in that case).

I did wrongfully connect 5V when first connecting my 433 modules (rather than 3.3V as I should have). However, after I switched to 3.3V I could still send and receive via pilight-send and pilight-receive, so I assume no damage to the hardware has been done. Even if so, this should have only damaged my raspberry pi #17 and #18 pin and would not explain why the arduino clone is not working correctly.

I would greatly appreciate some help. By the way, all I am trying to do for now is to automatically trigger a self-written python script whenever pimatic (or my pi somehow) detects a certain signal (my 433MHz doorbell transmitter; I have already figured out it’s unique uuid, but could not successfully manage to constantly listen on my receiver for that signal).

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry if some stuff sounds wrong, not a native English speaker…

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All about code

RM-Bridge Pimatic Broadlink

How can I add devices in Pimatic over the RM bridge like in this vider?

How can I add devices in Pimatic over the RM bridge

Thank :100:

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All about rules and script develpopment
weather history ie. rain

OK, today was the day. The above line worked. My irrigation went on @ 7.00.
SO i can defo say that this rule is working correct.

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Please report bugs on github!

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