Questions about the release of v0.9

Pimatic phone icloud error

Adding the code after the password gives a login error. Hmmm

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Important community news
Happy new year and all the best wishes!!

Keep pimatic up in 2017 :)

We are looking forward to have a great time with you again and wish you all a happy new year!
All the best to you and your families!!

The pimatic team

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
[Pimatic-rfxcom] major update - 1.0.0

Hey @Tim

Super this update.
I can now again dim my lights, and it works well.
I must add the devices 2 times, first as a switch and two dimmer as this to be able to turn off the lights.
Hopefully it motivates you to continue supporting RFXCOM plugin.

again thanks a lot :)

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
[Implemented] gpiozero RGBLED

@dk00000 fyi, support for RGB leds has landed in pimatic-johnny-five@0.9.11
It is pretty basic right (just dimming and set color) but I’ll add more actions soon, e.g. blinking with interval and duration

Please conatct me via chat if you need help with setup

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
How to change setpoint of dummy thermostat through websocket-API

I know you can change the setpoint of the dummythermostaat with the API: http://pimatic/api/device/thermostaat/changeTemperatureTo?temperatureSetpoint=99

But how can I do this though a websocket API ? Can someone give me a example on how to this?

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Discussion about Hardware.
Replacement for Elro AB440S

I’m using a couple of HomeEasy/ELRO/smartwares HE877 (bought in set 3x plug+remote as HE808S for <35€) without any issues for longer time now.
Yes they are with self learning codes against your wish, but for me this is more a plus then minus. You can even set more than one code for each plug and switch from an remote and from pimatic independend if you like. Another plus is a local button at the switches to change switch state manually.

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All about code

New plugin for Telegram

@techbarney Currently I do not see how this can be achieved easily, as the rules are parsed at startup of the listener, and the sender will only be known when a message event is triggered.

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All about rules and script develpopment

ah yes! silent mode is a good hint, of course! thx, didn’t think of it, but having it in my curl’s too :)

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Please report bugs on github!

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