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Release pimatic-raspbee@0.1.6

Hi again, shortly out of a sunny Saturday afternoon :-)

Just tested the percentage moving and it also works fine :thumbsup:

Regarding an own fork, maybe ‘pimatic-raspbee-plus’. In general the idea is good to proceed if really @kosta isn’t available any longer.
But beyond I would have a bit the fear, that here also something like with IO Broker happens, where you meanwhile can find 146 forks only for Zigbee. I would have no clue how to handle such as a non-developer …

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Blinking LED on GPIO when Pimatic is running

Thanks, I didn’t guess that such a plugin exists. I will try it.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Plugin request - Tado heating

Santa brought me Tado stuff (I was expecting this somehow ;) ). I tried this plugin: but it do not work.

Would be nice to get the possibility to get data and control (at least on/off) the tado devices.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
is there anyone using Nuki dooropener

I guest changing the engine in package.json to the most used versions, did the trick, but still i don’t know why (yet:))

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Discussion about Hardware.
Homeduino with Arduino on NUC?

Hello and thanks for the info.
I have tried it. I am using an Intel NUC 8i5. On it is running Proxmox with a few VMs and containers.
I have Pimatic installed in a Debian VM. NodeVersion 10.23.3 and npmVersion 2.15.12.
The system runs excellent fast. A reboot takes only seconds. Although pimatic has only 2 cores and 2GB Ram available. When I want to call the statisk of a device, it often takes minutes on the Raspberry, or the process aborts at some point. With pimatic on the NUC, calling up the statistics also works in seconds.
I have passed the USB port to Debian with pimatic. Then I connected an Arduino Nano and installed the Homedino plugin. Currently I have only created one Homeduinoswitch device. It works. So it is possible to implement GPIOs even on devices like the NUC.

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All about code

New plugin pimatic-bluelink

It looks like they changed recently the backend / authorization mechanism and third-party apps stopped working (like pimatic-bluelink).
The developers of the bluelinky library are looking for a solution. When a solution is available the plugin will be updated.

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All about rules and script develpopment
Change $variable time based

That works - is there a wiki for the events? ( time based ? )
Thank you

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Please report bugs on github!

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