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Released pimatic-upnp-root@0.9.0
Updated Dependencies to remove deprecated base libraries like node-uuid

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Issue with SSL configuration

@mwittig: I stopped pimatic, edited and started again; The funny thing is, that it is deleting the content of the node httpsServer
@countjuh: I tried with (issue as described in OP) and without (which results in an error that no httpServer configuration is available

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Deutsches Hilfeforum

Hilfe bei einer Regel im Alarmsystem

@karl78 said in Hilfe bei einer Regel im Alarmsystem:
Schon mal an
when haustur-kontakt is opened and alarm is turned on for 20 seconds then switch rauchmelder on

Allerdings muss die Haustüre dann auch noch offen sein.

Also lieber beim Öffnen der Türe die Variable oder den Schalter ‘Alarm’ auf ‘on’ setzen und wenn dieser nicht innerhalb von 20 Sekunden auf ‘off’ geht den Rauchmelder auslösen. Braucht halt eine Regel mehr…

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Make decimal rounding for frontend adjustable

I’m having the same request.
I have some MQTT devices that have up to 5 decimals that I would like to show in GUI.
Is this something that can be implemented @developer ?

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Tradfri bulbs connect without remote

Sorry guys, this method didn’t work for me.

I have a brand new bridge that I’m trying to pair some GU10s to without a steering (switch or dimmer) device.

I don’t think my bridge config will go any further unless I add a switch first (which I don’t have). Tried the power on trick mention by OP but my 3rd light just keeps blinking, despite having bulb right next to it.

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Discussion about Hardware.
Supported devices (plug and play)

Brand: Smartwares
Model: SH5-RBD-01A
Type: Dimmer 1
Description: Build-in Dimmer
Notes: (Product). Suitable lamps: incandescent, energy saving bulbs and halogen without transformer with a maximum Power of 200 W. From my own experience, i can say, that it is usable with dimmable incandescent bulbs and dimmable LED Lamps (in my case with 9,5 W). To connect the Dimmer with Homeduino, you have to create at first a normal HomeduinoRFSwitch with switch 1 with a useable ID and Unit. Then start the Pairing Mode und turn the Switch on. When it is paired, you can create a Dimmer-Device with dimmer 1 and the same ID and Unit. Now the Dimmer is ready to use.

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All about code

Dru Heater switch9 don't work

@rrooggiieerr thank you very much. It works!!! Thanks again.

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All about rules and script develpopment
Problem with rule over midnight

Oh wow, thanks.

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Please report bugs on github!

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