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Released pimatic@0.9.43

@michbeck100 said in Released pimatic@0.9.43:

Same with me. That’s normal, because fstream seems to be a popular library. Nevertheless you still try do delete fstream from there and install it again like I wrote before. It’s worth a try, and I think i fixed it this way, too.

Removed it and reinstalled it. Rebooted and did the upgrade and again it doesn’t work and keeps complaining about the dir-reader.js npm not found.
I’m so experienced in restoring now. ;)

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Openweather Forecast: Invalid API key

@mwittig is there any solution? Or a date for an update of the plugin?

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Graph for string values

is it possible to implement a feature that is like the graph for numerical values but applicable for string values? I’m holding a lot of string values within different variable divices and it would be very nice if there is a simple way to show them. A list or a table with date, time and the variable value would be a great option.

Just to provide some more info about what the idea of this is I will give you an example in some pictures.


Thank you.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Sending Mail with timestamp and actual value used as room temperature alarm


But I can not found a action for the variable time stamp device. I can not used a notification. Is it possible to use the command {date(„hh:mm :ss“)}direct in a rule?

Yes. As I stated in my earlier post. My suggestion is to neglect the variables device and to use the data variable as part of the rule action. In stead of $zeitstempel1.zeitstempel1 use {date(\"hh:mm:ss DD-MM-YYYY\")}. If you use the rule editor don’t enter the backslashes.

Accordingly, the rule is as follows:

{ "id": "raumtemp-zu-hoch-1", "name": "Raumtemp_zu_hoch_1", "rule": "if Alarm EIN/AUS is turned on and $raumtemp_1.temperature >= $Alarm_Schaltpunkt_EIN.temperatureSetpoint then send mail to:\"\" subject:\"Pimatic - Raumüberwachung Sensor 1\" html:\"{date(\"hh:mm:ss DD-MM-YYYY\")}\"", "active": true, "logging": true },

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Discussion about Hardware.
nanoCUL 433 MHZ Homeduino

@s7en said in nanoCUL 433 MHZ Homeduino:


I do not have one of these devices but it looks like the device is coming up as something else (not ttyUSB0)

What is the output of “ls /dev | grep USB”?

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All about rules and script develpopment
MQTT publish doesn't work

Just found out the plugin is not loaded.
I do think this has something to do with it:

21:16:04.931 [pimatic] info: Loading plugin: "pimatic-mqtt" (0.9.7) 21:16:06.937 [pimatic] error: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined

I have tried reinstalling the plugin, but i stil get the error prototype error.

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