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@dan said in pimatic-wakeuplight@0.0.1:

@thrusty Good to hear! That makes two users of the plugin :) Enjoy!

three at the end :grin:

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
MQTT sensor problem with numbers and messagemap

Where comes the string from?
Are you using Node Red?
If yes: Put a Function-Node between your Sensor and Pimatic.
The Code is simple:

msg.payload = Number(msg.payload); return msg;

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Can config.json be moved to USB stick?

Hello, there is also the possibility to install Raspian completely on the USB stick. Then the Raspberry is only started via the SD card, the system itself then runs on the USB. The SD card is already far more successful. Because the database is then also edited on the stick.

Raspian auf USB Stick

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Discussion about Hardware.
Radiator thermostats with pimatic. ZigBee or DECT

Radiator thermostats with pimatic. ZigBee or DECT

Hello everyone, if anyone is still around 🤔,
I would like to exchange my eq3 Heizkörpert thermostats for other thermostats. I would also like to change to a different system.
Either ZigBee (a gateway from Dresden Elektronik is available and integrated) or Dect (via the FritzBox), but the prices have risen enormously and the Comet thermostats are apparently no longer available.
Can anyone tell me how I can solve the problem cheaply and feasibly with pimatic?
Greetings to all those who are still here.

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All about code



Pimatic-save will not safe my pimatic-database.sqlite anymore.
I get the following error:
error [pimatic-save]: Error put, probably wrong path (not existing on ftp server): FtpConnectionError: can't perform 'put' command when connection status is: disconnecting
error [pimatic-save]: File 'pimatic-database.sqlite' not found in FTP readFile:
It did work before but now my database is bigger then 450.000 Kb It dous not work anymore.
Is there a timelimit or size limit to saving the database file.

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All about rules and script develpopment
How to control onkyo receiver

no, I didn’t, but it was actually a clean basic installation with a clean installation of the script with this lines
but i will set up a completely new system with pimtaic for testing

sudo apt install python3-pip
pip3 install
export PATH=${PATH}:/home/pi/.local/bin
onkyo --discover

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