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Released pimatic@0.9.43

@michbeck100 - thx, sudo npm install in the node-modules/pimatic directory solved the upgrade problem.

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Openweather Forecast: Invalid API key


i run in the same Problem… but i think its strange because on the Site “” unter Free there says “5 days/3 hour forecast API” is included.

Maybe i understand this worng but this looks like i have 5 Days and or 3 hour Forecast but when i look in to my Account under “Services” there say:

Threshold: 7,200
Hourly forecast: 5
Daily forecast: 0
Calls 1min: 60

So with “0” Daily forecast that should be the Problem. Damn is there a alternative? I just need Plugin that gives me the forecast for the max Temp of the Day so that can i use this value for closing the windows shutters in the moring if its a hot day.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Amazon Alexa TTS from Pimatic

Am I really the only one who is interested in having Alexa talk to me?

Someone is at the front door.
Your laundry is finished, remember to take it out of the washer.
You have received some mail in the your mailbox.

There are endless possibilities if we can send some tts commands directly to Alexa.

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Koffienl's tablet guide: Fully customizable HTML GUI for Pimatic

Also i have a request : How to add a logout button ?

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Discussion about Hardware.
Searching Multiple Socket

I use UniPi. There is a lite version of it at 99 euro. Pimatic support it with a plugin.

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All about code

weather7 protocol - humidity not coming through

@bart-huitsing with the log reader plugin you can read the pimatic log and this the humidity part. And display it ofc.

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All about rules and script develpopment
howto make sure rule is only executed when its dark outside

@countjuh said in howto make sure rule is only executed when its dark outside:


Well, you sure you made the new variable in variables? go to variables on the left of your screen. press the wheel in the right upper corner. press make new variable and make the $dark with value 0.

then make the rule. I have tried to make the rule and here it works.
hope this will help you.

$dark variable was already there, but didnt change when its day or night… seems the brackets in the rule are not working (anymore); so removed them and tried again…

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