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Thx for the update. Nice to see that pimatic is back!
Did the update and everything works fine.

One question regarding the custom format. I tried it but found no way to display the temp like 22°C as 22.0°C. The “0” will always be cut.
Should this work now as well or is this rounding function untouched?

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Anyone got an idea how to trigger Alexa routines from Pimatic?

Have a look at:

For example you can create a rule with a condition:

WHEN irgendetwas
THEN execute “/home/pi/scripts/ -d Ort -e automation:‘Routine’”

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Alexa AWS Custom Skill

@mat1990dj what issues did you see?

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
[solved] not able to do a simple pimatic installation on raspi 3B+

node V6.17.0
Pimatic V 0.9.46
until now o.k.


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Discussion about Hardware.
Controlling AVM Fritz Powerline 546e

Problem solved.

On Fritzbox firmwares <6.92 the Poweline devices are used as smart home devices just as connected to the local network.
For firmware version >6.92 the Poweline devices must be separately paired to use mesh/smart home funktions.

My powerline devices have only been connected to the local network through the powerline pairing. After additionaly pairing them to the mesh they showed up in the web UI smart home section and could be switched on/off plus power metering (546e).

Also the fritz-pluging is working with the powerline MAC/AIN (separated with colon “:”) as AIN.

Hint: the powerline devices can not be paired at once, the process must be done one after another. For smooth pairing just to be sure, unplug and plug the Poweline device before pairing.

@mwittig: thanks for your support. :)

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All about code

New Plugin - [pimatic-raspbee]

After I adapt the “resetTime” from 1000 to 5000 it was possible to use the states 1001 (lhold) and 1003 (hold release).

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All about rules and script develpopment - HttpDevice - Trigger by URL


sorry the late reply. When i use “Post” the “http-device” wants from me “Content-type” and “Data” but i no Data for on and off at the same time:


Anyway… i just do it now with 2 Http-Devices per MotionSensor, a 2 rule in per device and Dummy-Switchs and rules in Pimatic. What should i say … I would call it a success, with this Stucture i have lower the CPU-Usage from 40% to 6-10% and also lower the Delay from the decetion (in Pimatic - so that my rules will progress faster) of the Montion.

My Config:
For every Motionsensor two http devices with REST API for Switch on or off frome a Dummy in Pimatic

And also the Rules

In Pimatic its now pretty same stuff just with a Switch instead of a Binary Sensor.

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Please report bugs on github!

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