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Released pimatic-probe@0.3.2
Fixed wrong signature for createCallback hooks which caused invalid lastState, issue #17 Updated dependencies to follow-redirects@1.2.6

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Frontend not reachable after startup (daemon is running)

Hi all,
I’m frustrated! One more time my system doesn’t start up after my weekly backup. This backup will be executed automatically triggered by pimatic. The backup script stops pimatic, make the job and starts pimatic after the backup was done. This is the normal way since over one year. I really have no idea what went wrong last week and this time. This time I have the problem to get it not more working.
Pimatic worked without any error in the last time. First I tried to start the system with sudo pimatic.js to get directly the output from the console. I could see that all plugins get loaded without any problem. Because I have many rules containing telegram the telegram debug output is the next what was logged. This took round about 2 minutes. Yes, I have many rules… After this I got errors for two devices which cannot be updated, because the device is expecting numeric value, but it is getting a string (“unknown”) during startup. I was complaining this in the past. Hopefully it will be handled somehow in the future. A next I was expecting the rendering of the frontend, but the output stops.
When I start it in the standard way by using sudo pimatic.js start, the log ends with only 4 or 5 loaded plugins. It is far away from the content I can see during startup with sudo pimatic.js.
Next step was to get back on the backup version from the night. Same behavior like before. I tried as well to delete the database and one other try was to let reinstall sqlite… No luck!
My last chance was to reinstall pimatic, but as well no luck.
I do not understand, why it is working over long time, but the system dies during a restart. When I ask the status of the daemon with sudo pimatic.js status it is running.

Maybe it is really a problem with the frontend. Is there a way to enforce the start of the frontend?

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Deutsches Hilfeforum

Probleme mit pimatic-echo

@wajowi nein. Und soweit ich weiß gibt es aktuell nur pimatic und pimatic-echo die den Port per Default nutzen. Sag Bescheid, wenn du es wieder ausprobiert hast.

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
[Implemented] Receives messages (Telegram)

as above said : all further communication should be done here or on any new thread on that topic


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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
Koffienl's tablet guide: Fully customizable HTML GUI for Pimatic

This should work

<div class="thumbnail tile tile-medium tile-red uibutton" onclick="PressButton(config['Open])" id="rolluik-fenna">

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Discussion about Hardware.
Honeywell CM700 series with BDR91 relay box

Hello ,

did someone manage to decode the signals from this heating thermostat ? It’s working in 868Mhz, but with homeduino with 868Mhz receiver it’s not detecting the messages.

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All about code

How to extend an existing plugin?

Ok, I think I’ve got it working.

In the serial plugin I did the following:

env.devices.SerialDevice = SerialDevice

So it now looks like

class SerialPlugin extends env.plugins.Plugin init: (app, @framework, @config) => deviceConfigDef = require('./device-config-schema') @framework.deviceManager.registerDeviceClass('SerialDevice', { configDef: deviceConfigDef.SerialDevice, createCallback: (config, lastState) => device = new SerialDevice(config, lastState) return device }) class SerialDevice extends env.devices.Device ... env.devices.SerialDevice = SerialDevice return new SerialPlugin

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All about rules and script develpopment
How to updateDeviceByConfig with curl?

I know.
DHCP is running with infinite lease time on an Belkin Play F7D4302 v1.
WLAN AP is an ASUS Rt N66U, but as said only AP…

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Please report bugs on github!

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