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Release pimatic-unipi-evok@0.3.1
20180320, V0.3.1 Dependency updates

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Everything that doesn't fit elsewhere
Pimatic startup error

I just don’t understand what I did differently the first time that it worked there…

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You have a cool idea about pimatic?
Make Pimatic A2HS compliant

new version of the manifest

{ "background_color": "white", "description": "pimatic is a home automation framework that runs on node.js. ", "display": "fullscreen", "icons": [{ "src": "apple-touch-icon-120x120-precomposed.png", "type": "image/png", "sizes": "120x120" }, { "src": "apple-touch-icon-152x152-precomposed.png", "type": "image/png", "sizes": "152x152" }, { "src": "apple-touch-icon-76x76-precomposed.png", "type": "image/png", "sizes": "76x76" }], "name": "pimatic", "short_name": "Foxes", "start_url": "." }

and also added (for testing purpose)
<head><link rel=“manifest” href="/application.manifest">
into index.html of the public directory

I can see into chrome that the manifest is now correctly loaded but still no icon to pin the app on the home screen…

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Here you will find good setup tutorials!
IPCamera with mjpeg

i use a upcam and i only get a rtsp, rtmp or a snapshot URL http://192.168.x.x/tmpfs/snap.jpg by the ip camera. But the plug-in Needs a mjpeg stream, right?
Knows anybody an way to implement the upcam in pimatic?

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Discussion about Hardware.
433 Mhz relays on Intercom - 433 Mhz Relais an Gegensprechanlage

For all who are interested, I have got it! I soldered 2 wires to the door opening button, connected them to the relay, and connected power wires to the black and red wire of the intercom board. The relay gets this power and I can control this via the included remote control as well as Pimatic with the “led4” and “led3” protocol in the HomeduinoRF plugin. The next project will be, that I register input signals to the bell speaker and send it via radio to the Pi and via Pimatic and push notifications.

Für alle die es interessiert, ich habe es hinbekommen! Ich habe an den Taster für die Türöffnung 2 Drähte angelötet, diese mit dem Relais verbunden und Drähte für die Stromversorgung an den schwarzen und roten draht des Boards der Gegensprechanlage angeschlossen. Das Relais bekommt dadurch Strom und ich kann dieses über die beigelegte Fernbedienung sowie über Pimatic mit dem “led4” sowie “led3” Protokoll im HomeduinoRF Plugin steuern. Das nächste Projekt wird sein, das ich Eingangssignale an dem klingellautsprecher registrieren lasse und per Funk an den Pi sende und via Pimatic und Push Benachrichtigungen auswerte.![0_1521667816617_IMG_20180321_193909.jpg](Lade 100% hoch)

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All about code

Battery plugin

A lot of devices can show their battery level. It would be nice to have a plugin to check them all and send a notification.

I’m willing to create this plugin, but does someone know how to get alle device (battery) attributes ?

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All about rules and script develpopment
Unable to access low battery indicator with Homeduino Contact device

@Fabian and @mwittig,
I’ve installed v0.9.11 from the master branch and anything’s fine now :thumbsup:

many thanks ;-)



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