RF protocol development

weather sensor: Plugin for RTL433

@axled said in weather sensor: Plugin for RTL433:

Would it be helpful, if i complete sample raw datas as follows?

Temperature, Humidity, Batterystate, Channel
connection setup of RBX6 (direct GPIO vs. Arduino)
distance of RBX6 to sensor and whats in between?

Well, it would be nice to have this detailed view on test data if you have in place already. Otherwise, it sounds to me like a lot effort to prepare the data. If you have recorded pimatic-homeduino debug log data from earlier tests please send this as a starting point. I can add the pulse sequences to the protocol test suite to test the variations of pulses as much as possible.

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Plugin development
New plugin pimatic-gBridge

@bertreb said in New plugin pimatic-gBridge:

@ortin thanks for the brainstorm
If I understand you right, you want to use in GA the ‘thermostat’ set of voice commands to get the temperature and humidity values?

Yes, thats it.

I will check your mentioned config soon. I have to create a dummy thermostat for this. Nice would be to use an existing device which also provides this data. In my case variable device resp. raspbee multisensor device.

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ESP8266 development

DSC alarm system integration

I tested the following solution for DSC alarm accessing over web and Blynk, using a NodeMCU V3. For users have more partitions the Blynk is better.
I installed a local Blynk server on a rpi, and for the NodeMCU (connected directly to a DSC keypad) followed the example codes. The Blynk app on android or ios just read the values decoded from the keypad bus, and display it, or inject specified codes to the alarm system. All this is quite simple, and works well and stable.

I’m thinking if pimatic accessing the NodeMCU via wifi, and read/write all the values from, can do the same that Blynk app can. I’m sure it can, and with some help, we can create a new awesome plugin for this.


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pimatic-mysensors and node v10

For Pimatic-MySensors a new version 0.9.3 is released.
This version is compatible with node 4.x till 10.x, because a newer version of serialport is used.

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