RF protocol development

Auriol Weather Station IAN321304_1901 / HG05124B-DCF-TX (Lidl) Protocol


is there someone out there who is willing to help me with tipps?


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Plugin development


With this plugin you can save files to a backup medium. It was developed as a spinoff of the pimatic-backup plugin. This thread suggested some improvements of which I implemented some in this plugin.

The supported media in this release are FTP and Dropbox.
The save of a file is done via an action rule. The medium independent action syntax is

save “[localpath/]filename” [with timestamp] to <SaveFtpDive | SaveDropboxDevice>

For doing the daily midnight config.json backup routine, you need one of the Save devices and the following rule:

its 1:00
save “config.json” with timestamp to <your FtpOrDropbox Device>

With this plugin I will replace my dropbox_uploader script.

If you need something like this, please test it and let me know the bugs and features you miss.

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ESP8266 development

Pimatic mit ESP8266 - NodeMCU oder ESP-01

I’m just using tasmota right now. I have tried Espeasy. I had it on a NodeMCU for some time to control a display with ws2812. Unfortunately some of the LEDs flash uncontrolled. Maybe the problem was not EspEasy. I’ve made some changes to the circuit since then. Now the display works without problems with tasmota 6.5. Otherwise I have tasmota on all devices, from version 5.11 to 6.5.
On about 10 devices. The handling is the same everywhere. I find it easier this way.
As long as I don’t need any of the sensors that espeasy supports, I will probably stay with tasmota. Furthermore, I have a quick overview of all devices with the tasmota device manager (TDM) . The TDM even shows devices that are in the subnetwork.

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