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weather sensor: is it possible to port code from RTL433

@axled said in weather sensor: is it possible to port code from RTL433:

Option 4 is the right answer to my question. I want to reuse code and i know that this is not done by copy and paste as the RTL433 uses a different (development) language than rfcontroljs. I did some javascript modules for magicmirror, so maybe i can figure out (with some tips/help) how to implement new protocols.

ok, I see. Btw, are you able to receive the raw data for all sensors with pimatic-homeduino. You may need to enable the debug mode for that. See also https://forum.pimatic.org/topic/210/5-homeduino-and-rf-devices-433-mhz-transmitting-receiving

If you don’t see raw data probes for weather sensors for which there is no applicable weather protocol implemented in rfcontroljs it make no sense start implementing a new protocol.

New question: By the way, does anyone have a tip, how to reduce² the receiving sensitivity of a RBX6 (433Mhz) receiver, as i want to make sure, i see only my “weather sensor” for developing/implementing new protocol. Can i put my receiver and my weather sensor in a metal box or similar to reduce the receiving sensitivity?

Not as far as I know. You can shield the antenna to lower the range but this may also increase noise. A metal box may do, however note, the sensor should also not be placed too close to the receiver as this can cause interference if the HF part of the RBX6 is unshielded (see picture below for shielded model). If you have a shielded model it may be ok.


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ESP8266 development

Pimatic mit ESP8266 - NodeMCU oder ESP-01

I’m just using tasmota right now. I have tried Espeasy. I had it on a NodeMCU for some time to control a display with ws2812. Unfortunately some of the LEDs flash uncontrolled. Maybe the problem was not EspEasy. I’ve made some changes to the circuit since then. Now the display works without problems with tasmota 6.5. Otherwise I have tasmota on all devices, from version 5.11 to 6.5.
On about 10 devices. The handling is the same everywhere. I find it easier this way.
As long as I don’t need any of the sensors that espeasy supports, I will probably stay with tasmota. Furthermore, I have a quick overview of all devices with the tasmota device manager (TDM) . The TDM even shows devices that are in the subnetwork.

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pimatic-mysensors and node v10

@bertreb said in pimatic-mysensors and node v10:

In my opinion the plugin page on the Pimatic site needs a little clean up before putting to many clone’s there. Because now active node v10 compatible plugins are on the same list as obsolete one. For (new) user not an attractive way to search plugins.

Agree. It would not be the preferred way…

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