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Jarolift RF shutter

Hi everyone,

I don’t have the knowledge to control Jarolift RF shutters properly. But I really needed it, so I bought a Jarolift TDRC 08W (8 channels) to make hardware experiments.

Hardware part is easy, I simply soldered each button, and at least one left or right button for the chan selection. Every button is linked to an optocoupler (or a transistor), and the optocoupler control is linked to the Raspberry GPIOs.
I developed a small software in NodeJS which create a server and listen to routes like : http://localhost:8086/1,2/open" to open / close / stop channel 1 and 2.
You can use this software, you have to configure the GPIO number you connected, and the amount of button you have (if you use a TDRC 04W or a similare remote).

It works nicely for 6months+ now:

There is a timeout to select channel 1 by default if the remote is unused, to avoid most desynchronisation if you raspberry reboot, I removed the 3.3V battery and connected it to the Raspberry so power is always maximum, otherwise I had some radio random failure.

Of course it is a one-way control. So if you open your shutters using another remote, your domotic server won’t know it, and this is sad :/
The program does not know the state of your shutters too. But you can use instructions like http://localhost:8086/1/0.5 to open by 50% your shutter, it will simply calculate using a delay…

Now I can open my shutters when on holidays for my plants. And open shutters half way to not make the sun hit my aquarium for the morning :D that’s all I want. If you need anything more in the software let me know. I’m using domoticz to interface then but it works with any domotic server able to call a URL.

This is not a native solution and it does not solve the original problem, but worth it for people having bought Jarolift whithout asking themselve if they would be able to control with their antenna… Cost is a dedicated remote, for a non perfect solution ;)
Project is hosted on GitHub https://github.com/patateviolente/domotic-shutters-rpi-control

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Prob is solved for the moment. Had a typo in the chatID.

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@szybki946 you need to define a radio in your sketch…

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