• mwittig

    @leader21 said in New Plugin for Denon/Marantz AVRs:

    here it is running but having an issue too
    [DenonAvrMasterVolume#denon-zone2-switch] Error: [Error: Missing or invalid interval parameter]

    Fixed in pimatic-denon-avr@0.9.9

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  • mwittig

    For info, the Ediplug smartphone application will no longer work with the new firmware versions! You’ll will have to migrate to the Edilife application instead. If you use Edilife it’ll force a new setup of the switch and as part of this you need to assign a new password. If you don’t want to use the smart phone application and you have setup your plugin already with an earlier version the smart plug will work with pimatic after the firmware upgrade without any configuration changes required.

    The rationale behind these changes is to improve the security

    • Digest authentication sends an encrypted authentication token rather than sending the authentication data as plain text
    • Avoid using factory default password by enforcing a password change with Edilife app

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  • mwittig

    @sebster6 I have published a new version of the plugin which supports which supports digest authentication required with firmware versions SP-2101W v2.08 and SP-1101W v2.04. The new version is expected to work seamlessly with older firmware versions demand basic authentication and the current firmware versions

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  • mwittig

    @atus Excellent! Meanwhile the update script is back to normal, but for some reason it did not find you plugin. I’ll check again if sopmething is missing and get back to you.

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  • mwittig

    @clel said in Time for installation and first start:

    Why does it take so long? I thought this is a rather simple application.

    Define simple application :)

    It takes so long as some packages need to be compiled during the setup - at least, this is the case for the database package and its constituents which is installed during the first startup. This needs definitely to be improved. “npm install” should be faster as we provide pre-compliled packages as part if the pimatic package, however, maybe the list of pre-compiled packages is incomplete. I’ll check.

    Generally, I think the limiting factor in the first place is memory - 256MB is a tight budget if you also run other applications in the background. You’ll be better off with a Raspi B+ which has 512MB.

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  • mwittig

    @sebster6 I am sorry about this. I have not been aware of the new firmware version which apparently had been published in March, this year. I’ll fix the authentication issue asap.

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  • mwittig

    @HarrySteff said in Pimatic Interface to [ui!] (urban institute):

    Can you help me to send data from my sensors to them?
    Geo data can be hard coded for beginning, timestamp is important…

    Stefan, sure! I am happy to help, I’ll contact you via chat on Friday.

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  • mwittig

    @atus said in New plugin for BME280 temperature/humidity/pressure sensor:

    let me know if I need to do anything else to get this into the official plugin list.

    It’ll be added automatically, but it apparently the updater has not been run since last Sunday for some reason. We’ll look into this asap.

    I have briefly reviewed your plugin and I have a few comments:

    • Please be so kind to add a proper README to your plugin project. Thanks!
    • Using setInterval() for requestValue() updates may cause problems in case the callback functions triggered by sensor.begin() and/or sensor.readPressureAndTemparature() are deferred for some reason. In this case requestValue() callouts may pile up. Use setTimeout() instead and re-schedule the task within the inner callback function. You should also add better error handling. i.e. check the “err” parameters of the outer and inner callback functions.
    • As part of the device config schema you should also set the extension “xAttributeOptions” in addition to “xlink”. This way, users will be able to hide an attribute’s sparkline or value from display.

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  • mwittig

    @thex said in New Plugin for Denon/Marantz AVRs:

    Anybody else problems after the update?

    No. Everything works fine at my end

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  • mwittig

    @sebster6 Sorry about that. Note, however, I don’t think this is not issue with the recent update, but most likely a stability issue with your Raspi. Please check your SD-Card (e.g. perform a file system check) and check the power supply of your Raspi (e.g. generate some high load on the Raspi to check if still runs stable).

    Make a backup of your configuration and make sure there are no more node processes running on the system.
    Then you may want to try the following

    sudo bash
    cd /home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic
    rm -rf node_modules
    npm install --unsafe-perm
    # if this run without critical errors (warnings are fine) you're done and you can exit the root shell

    Now, start pimatic and see what happens.

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