RF protocol development

FA21RF smoke detector not beeing detected

Got it to work !!!

@mwittig we don’t need another protocol!

i got it to work the following way - first i tried to pair the device with a master detecor like i said above, which worked.

then i reset the device (take batteries out, press test button to get all power out of the device, put batteries in, press learn button - led is green, press and hold test button until the id shows up in the debug messages).

with the reset, the device got a new id and shows up as alarm1 now.
i also reset all other devices and they got new id’s too. so i guess this is a way to get a detector to work that does not match the protocol.
just do a reset.

the reset procedure is not found in the manual, i needed to search a bit.
maybe this helps other users too…

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ESP8266 development

Pimatic mit ESP8266 - NodeMCU oder ESP-01

Here you can find some information about the plugin: pimatic-mqtt.
In this forum you will also find a lot about it. And surely also help.

Tasmota has become very versatile and powerful in the meantime. And there are now a lot of devices supported. And if you have the time to wait, with AliExpress they are often very cheap.
A friend built his whole SmartHome with “tasmota - devices” and a Raspberry.

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Share your MySensors project

@szybki946 you need to define a radio in your sketch…

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