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Empfehlung Tür/Fenster Sensoren?

Vielen Dank für die Bilder, das probiere ich gleich mal aus.

Revo hat das Kabel ja an die bestehende Antenne angelötet dessen genaue Länge (ausgerollt) ja nicht bekannt ist. Nach meinem Verständnis sollte die Gesamtlänge ja 17,2 cm sein.

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Questions about the release of v0.9

Actual State of Orvibo Switches After restart/reboot

Strange… Now it works for me too… Thanks…

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Questions about the Forum and Pimatic.org
pimatic, What will happen next?

You got it right to the point. As long as the installation does not run smoothly there will be no new users. Even users with programming experience will only test it briefly and turn away.

Although pimatic (with me 0.9.42) now runs very stable. For months without a restart.
Some time ago I talked a colleague into pimatic. He, too, found pimatic quite easy to use, although he had never had anything to do with Linux and console before. He is an average Windows user. After destroying his pimatic with the update, he tried it with iobroker.
Also relatively simple, but unfortunately a little too bloated, I think. It requires much more hardware resources. And it is no small effort to create a user interface. You can create very nice things with it, but the functionality is more important to me. The system should run, do its work, in the background. And implementing rules is very difficult for users who don’t know much about scripts. At least when it comes to rules that are more complex. This is relatively easy with pimatic.
I don’t know who is working on pimatic or who is still working on it. @sweetpi, @mwittig, @michbeck100
Anyway, thanks a lot for this SmartHome system. It would be a real pity if it didn’t go any further.
Surely pimatic is not suitable for the masses. The users have to do something with it. As I can see from the answers to my question, there are some people like me. Some people reading in, asking questions, sharing experiences, etc. And learn to handle it. You don’t have to be a programmer, you don’t have to be able to write scripts. I can’t do all that, and yet pimatic has been running on my system for almost 4 years.

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any trouble with your setup, linux, pi etc.
Trouble with fresh installation

@michbeck100 that user was another bot…

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