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Empfehlung Tür/Fenster Sensoren?

Vielen Dank für die Bilder, das probiere ich gleich mal aus.

Revo hat das Kabel ja an die bestehende Antenne angelötet dessen genaue Länge (ausgerollt) ja nicht bekannt ist. Nach meinem Verständnis sollte die Gesamtlänge ja 17,2 cm sein.

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Questions about the release of v0.9


@bertreb said in Smartmeter2:

I did a short check on SML and Volkszaehler and it seems that my plugin is not able to read the data. Probably you need a plugin with capabilities based on the smartmeter-obis library. I assume you did look already at the pimatic-volkzaehler plugin?

I am not using the plugin. I have installed VZLogger and read the output via LogWatcher into Pimatic. But I am still watching for a more simple way.

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Questions about the Forum and Pimatic.org
car rain sensor in pimatic? Is it possible?

Unfortunately, I am also afraid that my rain sensor will not get very old. After two days and some rain it already looks like this.


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any trouble with your setup, linux, pi etc.
SimpleMovingAverageFilter time based

I have a little addition to this, though not time based:

SimpleMovingAverageFilter, size 144, input is a temperature updating once every 10 minutes so that means the output is an average covering circa the last 24 hours.

Now I’ve added a Min and Max stats to the list. I expected them to be the Min and Max values within those 144 samples. But as far as I can see, it’s never refreshed. I’ve been looking at a maximum value of 26 degrees (the sensor is a fridge thermometer) for over a year now. And I’m very sure the last time that temperature occurred was after last years holiday when we thawed out the fridge

Can you take a look into this as well?

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