Questions about the Forum and
[Solved] Mobile Version Forum Black

well, consider that nodebb is a relatively new bbs. so it’s still growing and getting better with every update.
the next update is still to come and i hope we will get some features for having a better handling.
if you have any proposal what we could integrate we can have a look for a plugin.

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any trouble with your setup, linux, pi etc.
Help, homeduino not working anymore [Solved]

I totally agree… Then we need some proper code and a build script to decide when to build with and without sdr… So I’ll have to digg in…

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Questions about the release of v0.9
DHT22 sensors stopped working after upgrading pimatic to v0.9.40

---- Apologies For The Confusion ----

both (!) DHT22 died at the same time indeed - unbelievable IMO and no idea why :/

0_1499948758833_Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-13 um 14.25.36.png

…the new DHT22 type is working flawlessly for 96 hours now!

Thank you very much for your support!!

Kind Regards,

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