Questions about the Forum and
Error in pimatic-daemon

@vkr Ok, you have the wrong version of node.js. Unfortunately, pimatic still requires node 4.x. Support for newer version is currently under development.


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any trouble with your setup, linux, pi etc.
Help, homeduino not working anymore [Solved]

@christoph-ch and @carlptr,

I also made the observation that some receivers are just bad quality. Also see In some cases distance between receiver and remote matters a lot.

I’ve got some pieces of the XY-MK-5V receiver and it is pretty bad. I need to come real close with the remote to see some debug output. I’m talking about centimeters here.

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Questions about the release of v0.9

What is the actual state of project "pimatic"

@michbeck100 said in What is the actual state of project "pimatic":

@ddnrn floor plan would be definitely a plugin. So go ahead and create one! I think a lot of core features are really small and not so huge like a floor plan

I’ve never talken about anything must be plugin or not and I’m not a dev and not able to do things like that.
There was only a question about progress of new things coming or not, because it was rather qiet in the last time.

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