Howto setup Pimatic and Homeduino
4. Homeduino - 433 MHz sending, receiving and even more!

For pimatic v0.9 you need to set the following options to receive RF signals

enable receiving : yes, should be set as default.
(if using the pi and not an arduino you certainly will have set the driver to gpio, so don’t be confused, the picture is for clarification of the enableReceiving button!)

debug : true, should be set as default (don’t be confused by the api key since i need it for ESPimaticRF)

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Howto setup specific hardware or devices
Update notification and changelog for pimatic and homeduino

for the homeduino version request and comparison you need to change the following things (already did above!!)

shellsensor in part #3

{ "id": "homeduino-version-git", "name": "homeduino Version Request", "class": "ShellSensor", "attributeName": "versionrequest", "attributeType": "string", "command": "curl -s | grep version | grep span | awk -F\\> {'print $11'} | awk -F\\< {'print $1'}\n", "interval": 21600000 }

and the rule in part #8

{ "id": "homeduino-changelog-request", "name": "homeduino changelog request", "rule": "if $homeduino-version-git.versionrequest gets updated then execute \"sudo github-changes -o pimatic -r pimatic-homeduino -b v0.9.x -f /home/pi/ && head -23 /home/pi/ | tail -20 | awk '-F)' \\{'print \\$2'\\} | sed 's/(//g' > /home/pi/homeduino-changelog.log\"", "active": true, "logging": true }

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