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Thanks for your work and commitment to the project, even though it is getting pretty quiet around here…

I am using pimatic for 5 years and just recently upgraded the echo-plugin to 5.9 and my configuration broke…I came from an older version before the id change (5.6?). At first all existing Alexa devices were not responding. After a complete cleanup including the echo-database I tried to rediscover my devices, but that was not successful.

I also tried to install “fauxmo” as a workaround to switch the devices using the URL-interface, but fauxmo also fails, altough I can see a lot of communication going on in the debug logs.

Today I found:
They state that the uniquieid requires this format: “uniqueid”:“F0:08:D1:D8:3B:00:00:11-01” (9 Bytes)
In the source code of pimatic-echo ( I saw that pimatic-echo is using “00:17:88:5E:D3:” + uniqueId + “-” + uniqueId. This is only 7 Bytes, so missing 2…

Have you tried the fix? Unfortunately I could not try it myself. I am not able to work with coffeescript, I have to setup some kind of development environment first :-(.
Today I tried the fix and voilá!!! Everything is up and running. So just add another “00:01:” behind the “D3:” in the above line and you’re good to go and everything is discovered again.

gabriel-lando created this issue in vintlabs/fauxmoESP open Alexa can't discover devices #166

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