… but not this year …

Christmas 2016

Maybe this is all a bit too personal and maybe too emotional for our technical forum, but I just want to share my thoughts with you in these “troublesome” days of christmas.

These days should be filled with peace, love and harmony. A warm feeling inside when coming home, leaving all stress and troubles outside in the winter’s cold. Coming home and caring about the ones you love.

Most of you have heard about the latest news from Germany, that a terrorist has launched a cowardly attack on an Christmas fair in Berlin where many people were killed and injured.
That made me very sad and thoughtful. The past days I was thinking about many things and what is important to me.

The most important thing to me is family. First there’s my wife and my two wonderful daughters. I pray that they will all be healthy for their lifetime. Then there are my mother and father and all other relatives. Another thing that came into my mind were my friends. I have some really close friends and they are kind of family for me too. So these are the people I love and I care about.
So my thoughts went on … what else do I care about. What is important to me.

The question was answered quickly - its you and the pimatic project! The past years with pimatic have been a great journey for me. Everyday I opened the forum or the projects on github I felt like comming home. I found so many new friends in here and made so great experiences. I learned a lot of things and i experienced that our home automation project that startet about 4 years ago is a great place to be!

We’re having a great community here! You are so helpful and respectful to each other!! I love the way our community behaves and interacts. If I could I would award a price to the forum !
The pimatic project is actually making it’s way around the world step by step. We have users on almost every continent and in many many countries, even in Japan and India, pimatic does not care about frontiers or ethnic origin. pimatic is peaceful and respectful.

Say no to terrorism!! be pimatic !!!

Now I just want to say thanks to you that you give me the feeling of comming home whenever beeing here.You’re kind of familiy for me too! Thx a lot!

Have a peaceful time with the ones you love!
Merry Christmas