I justed wanted to draw your attention to the WebThings Gateway and the underlying WebThings Framework which are iot projects developed by the Mozilla foundation.
In essence, the WebThings Gateway is a smart home gateway which is utilizing the concepts, data models, and standards being developed by the W3C Web of Things working group. Web of Things can be seen as an attempt to provide the conceptual glue to integrate various smart home technologies based on open standards.

The WebThings Gateway is meant to run on Access or Home Routers, but the project also supports Raspberry Pi. The gateway development already has reached stage
where it makes sense to trial the software and the WebThings Framework provides means for developing integrations either as part of the gateway software stack or as independent hubs on the network.

Is it relevant for pimatic? Well, that is what I am trying to find out and it will be great if other developers are also interested in having a look into this and share their knowledge in that space.