I am happy to announce a new version of pimatic-syslog which provides some new features. Please note, however, some configuration changes may be required at your end (see below and README for details).

  • 20190325, V0.9.5
    • Plugin is now based on systeminformation package
      to support setups on Linux and Windows. MacOS should also work,
      but is not supported.
    • Added new monitoring capabilities:
      • Memory usage (percent): "memoryUsedPercent"
      • Memory free (bytes): "memoryFree"
      • Memory free (percent): "memoryFreePercent"
      • Number of processes: "processes"
      • System temperature (Fahrenheit ℉): "temperatureF", thanks @hvdwolf
      • WiFi received signal level (dBm): wifiSignalLevel
      • Network interface throughput received (bps): nwThroughputReceived
      • Network interface throughput sent (bps): nwThroughputSent
      • Pimatic process uptime (seconds): "pimaticUptime"
    • Renamed some attributes. Device configuration will be transformed automatically,
      but rules and variables need to be adapted manually. See README.md for details.