This plugin lets you control and get status info from a Landroid mower. Supported are mowers that can be controlled via the Landroid app and mowers that are wifi connected to the Landroid cloud. This plugin is tested with a Landroid M500 and should work will all cloud connected Landroid mowers.

After downloading the Landroid app, you need to register in the app with your email and a password. After registration you can add your mower in the app, configure the wifi and other settings.


  • pimatic discovery for adding a mower device
  • mower status data available in Pimatic
  • rule based actions to start, pause and stop a mower
  • scheduling a mower via start and stop in rules or a configurable week schedule

The minimum requirement for this plugin is node v8!
For feature requests and bug reports please use the issues page of the plugin

For more info readme