I’m building my own (Arduino) sensors and want to sent / receive data from pimatic. Currently I’m using the generic protocol (PimaticProbe).
(1) I want to build some kind of Panic / Alarm button. If powered up it sends a signal to pimatic. But i can ony send a numeric value to pimatic. I found that if i config the device in pimatic like this:

  "id": "alarmButton",
  "name": "Alarm knop",
  "class": "HomeduinoRFGenericSensor",
  "protocols": [
      "name": "generic",
      "options": {
        "id": 1001
  "attributes": [
      "name": "state",
      "type": 0,
      "decimals": 0,
      "baseValue": 0,
      "label": "Type 0"

it shows up as a PIR, (because of name = state but I cannot set it to True or False.
transmit(true, value, type, nrOfTransmissions) or transmit(false, value, type, nrOfTransmissions) only updates the variable in pimatic. If the power of the panic button is switched off, I want to reset the value in pimatic “resetTime”: 5000. But i cannot set the numeric value from within pimatic.
What am I doing wrong, should I use another (existing / not generic) protocol?

I found out that depending on the name used in the config (state in previous example), the variable is displayed differently in Pimatic. Is there any docs about what variable names display what kind of output?