Hi All,

Is it possible to use debug information in a Rule?

I have the Max plugin running and want to use the debug information in a rule to notify me if there is a connection error or batteries a running low. This is all the information we get from the debug:

   { type: 'Heating Thermostat',
     address: '0ddd22',
     serial: 'KEQ10168',
     name: 'Radiator Tijs',
     roomId: 3,
     comfortTemperature: 21.5,
     ecoTemperature: 16.5,
     maxTemperature: 30.5,
     minTemperature: 4.5,
     temperatureOffset: 3.5,
     windowOpenTemperature: 12,
     valve: 0,
     setpoint: 4.5,
     initialized: true,
     fromCmd: false,
     error: true,
     valid: true,
     dstActive: true,
     gatewayKnown: true,
     panelLocked: true,
     linkError: false,
     battery: 'ok',
     mode: 'manu',
     actualTemperature: undefined },

I hope you can help me.