I wanted to start development by using the same code as the DummyHeatingDevice in my Z-Wave class.
But the c&p code shows no buttons in the device. My thinking was that it shows the same as the DummyHeatingDevice. What could be wrong?

class ZWayThermostat extends env.devices.HeatingThermostat

    constructor: (@config, lastState) ->
      @id = @config.id
      @name = @config.name
      @_temperatureSetpoint = lastState?.temperatureSetpoint?.value or 20
      @_mode = lastState?.mode?.value or "auto"
      @_battery = lastState?.battery?.value or "ok"
      @_synced = true

    changeModeTo: (mode) -> 
      return Promise.resolve()
    changeTemperatureTo: (temperatureSetpoint) -> 
      return Promise.resolve()