Howto setup Pimatic and Homeduino
6. Homeduino RF Devices Turnwheel Codes

The following is a transcript of an earlier post from @leader21 on github:

Having another sleepless night and trying to do something useful though, so I created a table with all 256 Intertechno / Trust / KaKu / CoCo / Düwi etc. turnwheel codes. The devices are having two wheels from A-P and 1-16, so there are 256 possible codes, looks similar like this here :


Here are all 256 possible turnwheel codes:

turnwheel codes

In the table the ID is the first number, then comes the UNIT.
So lets say, you are setting up a turn wheel code G-5, the table says ID 22 | UNIT 19
Your device at the config.json would look like this:

{ "id": "switch-livingroom", "name": "Light Switch Livingroom", "class": "HomeduinoRFSwitch", "protocols": [ { "name": "switch4", "options": { "unit": 19, "id": 22 } } ] },

Hope this helps to set up some switches or devices without having a receiver hooked up at your hardware setup.


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Howto setup specific hardware or devices
Update notification and changelog for pimatic and homeduino

for the homeduino version request and comparison you need to change the following things (already did above!!)

shellsensor in part #3

{ "id": "homeduino-version-git", "name": "homeduino Version Request", "class": "ShellSensor", "attributeName": "versionrequest", "attributeType": "string", "command": "curl -s | grep version | grep span | awk -F\\> {'print $11'} | awk -F\\< {'print $1'}\n", "interval": 21600000 }

and the rule in part #8

{ "id": "homeduino-changelog-request", "name": "homeduino changelog request", "rule": "if $homeduino-version-git.versionrequest gets updated then execute \"sudo github-changes -o pimatic -r pimatic-homeduino -b v0.9.x -f /home/pi/ && head -23 /home/pi/ | tail -20 | awk '-F)' \\{'print \\$2'\\} | sed 's/(//g' > /home/pi/homeduino-changelog.log\"", "active": true, "logging": true }

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