The following is a transcript of an earlier post from @leader21 on github:

Having another sleepless night and trying to do something useful though, so I created a table with all 256 Intertechno / Trust / KaKu / CoCo / Düwi etc. turnwheel codes. The devices are having two wheels from A-P and 1-16, so there are 256 possible codes, looks similar like this here :


Here are all 256 possible turnwheel codes:

turnwheel codes

In the table the ID is the first number, then comes the UNIT.
So lets say, you are setting up a turn wheel code G-5, the table says ID 22 | UNIT 19
Your device at the config.json would look like this:

      "id": "switch-livingroom",
      "name": "Light Switch Livingroom",
      "class": "HomeduinoRFSwitch",
      "protocols": [
          "name": "switch4",
          "options": {
            "unit": 19,
            "id": 22

Hope this helps to set up some switches or devices without having a receiver hooked up at your hardware setup.