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    Hi, I recently got this working using a few scripts:
    It uses the Castnow program and to make things a little bit easier, it also uses the castnow control program.
    Since castnow opens very slowly (about 10 seconds), the script uses the ‘screen’ program to keep castnow open. Now commands can be send to the castnow that are executed almost instantly.
    In pimatic I used a ShellSensor to display the now-playing and a few buttons with rules to control the chromecast.
    The device to check the state is the following:

          "attributeName": "state",
          "attributeType": "string",
          "command": "/home/pi/castnow_control/castnow_get_state.sh | grep Source |sed 's/Source: //g''",
          "id": "chromecast-audio-state",
          "name": "Chromecast now playing",
          "class": "ShellSensor",

    I have no experience with making a plugin, but all it should do is install castnow, screen and castnow_control. Note that configuring the castnow_control was a bit of trouble since it couldn’t find the screen program and I have multiple chromecasts so this had to be changed in the configuration file.

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