I have following errors in pimatic:

[pimatic] error: An uncaught exception occurred: RangeError: index out of range
[pimatic] error:> at checkOffset (buffer.js:696:11)
[pimatic] error:> at Buffer.readUInt16LE (buffer.js:742:5)
[pimatic] error:> at null.Gap.onHciLeAdvertisingReport (/home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic-ble/node_modules/noble/lib/hci-socket/gap.js:149:31)
[pimatic] error:> at emitMany (events.js:108:13)
[pimatic] error:> at null.emit (events.js:182:7)
[pimatic] error:> at null.Hci.processLeAdvertisingReport (/home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic-ble/node_modules/noble/lib/hci-socket/hci.js:651:10
[pimatic] error:> at null.Hci.processLeMetaEvent (/home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic-ble/node_modules/noble/lib/hci-socket/hci.js:608:10)
[pimatic] error:> at null.Hci.onSocketData (/home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic-ble/node_modules/noble/lib/hci-socket/hci.js:479:12)
[pimatic] error:> at emitOne (events.js:77:13)
[pimatic] error:> at BluetoothHciSocket.emit (events.js:169:7)
[pimatic] error:> This is most probably a bug in pimatic or in a module, please report it!
[pimatic] warn: Keeping pimatic alive, but could be in an undefined state, please restart pimatic as soon as possible!

Pimatic version and plugins:

14:20:41.239 [pimatic] info: Starting pimatic version 0.9.54
14:20:41.249 [pimatic] info: Node.js version 4.6.2
14:20:41.251 [pimatic] info: OpenSSL version 1.0.2j
14:20:43.333 [pimatic, ppm] info: 2.15.12
14:20:43.376 [pimatic] info: Loading plugin: “pimatic-cron” (0.8.8)
14:20:43.886 [pimatic] info: Loading plugin: “pimatic-mobile-frontend” (0.9.16)
14:20:44.600 [pimatic] info: Loading plugin: “pimatic-log-reader” (0.9.3)
14:20:44.638 [pimatic] info: Loading plugin: “pimatic-mail” (0.8.6)
14:20:45.230 [pimatic] info: Loading plugin: “pimatic-led-light” (0.9.5)
14:20:46.152 [pimatic] info: Loading plugin: “pimatic-ble” (0.9.3)
14:20:47.681 [pimatic] info: Loading plugin: “pimatic-ble-mi-flora” (0.0.9)


pi@raspberrypi:~/pimatic-app $ cat /etc/issue
Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 \n \l

looks like it’s related to some bluetooth activity/plugin - alredy tried to reinstall pimatic without success.
after reboot pimatic is starting to work normally for couple of hours and then situation repeats.

any idea?