Hi everyone,

I own several of the Brennenstuhl RC CE1 4001 switchable outlets and am able to control them from pilight using the Quigg GT-1000 protocol implemented there: https://github.com/pilight/pilight/blob/master/libs/pilight/protocols/433.92/quigg_gt1000.c

Now seeing that pilight works in general but having trouble with the rules definition and execution I was looking into migrating to pimatic / homeduino. I have seen several threads in this forum dealing with this already but couldn’t find a really comfortable solution to just get the switches working:

I was wondering if it shouldn’t be possible to just migrate the pilight implementation to configure the switches in a more comfortable way than just capturing and replaying raw control packets. I would also be willing to do that myself (even though the pilight implementation is incomplete in some ways as well) but wanted to check first, if there is any legitimate reason for this not having been ported over so far or if I am just missing that. I browsed through all of the existing switch protocol implementations and none looked even remotely familiar to the pilight code.

Every kind of feedback would be welcome (even things like: “Will never work, because…”).

Just one minor comment for motivation: I know Brennenstuhl is also selling the RCS 1000 N series, which is implemented in homeduino and especially advertised for use with “Raspberry Pi” but for one they are more expensive than the newer series and they don’t offer outdoor capable switches in that series which I’d like to use.