Hello again,

found the next problem…

I connect a dht11 Sensor to my nano, create a homduino dht sensor, etc.

And pimatic received the data from the sensor so far so good, but then the system showed an error info:

"…error [pimatic-homeduino,HomeduinoDHTSensor]: Error getting attribute value wohnzimmer-klima.humidity: checksum_error

00:19:25error [pimatic-homeduino,HomeduinoDHTSensor]: Error getting attribute value wohnzimmer-klima.temperature: checksum_error…"

after this error info, the pimatic didnt show any new data from the sensor. i made a system reboot, changed the pin connection. from 3 to 4
after reboot i changed the configuration and did the next reboot, and now it looks like its working again…

Any idea why i got this error info ?