• #17 RuleManager: hue and sat action provider
  • #17 ColorTemperature for All RGB Bulbs


  • #33 Some devices does not provide all infos on scan


There are two color devices:

  • RaspBeeRGB (“Color light” in deconz) emulates the ColorTemperature via color code conversion. (tradfri bulbs)
  • RaspBeeRGBCT (“Extended color light” in deconz) supports native ColorTemperature actions. (philips hue)

Now both plug-in device classes support the color temperature.

Tradfri bulbs do not support hue/sat actions. therefore only RGB values can be set in the rules manager.
You can set hue/sat values, but they don’t do anything.

Deconz also does not allow you to adjust the color or brightness when the lamp is off. Use a delay in the rules. Turn on the lamp first, then adjust the values after 1 sec.