ive build an homeduino with a superhet receiver.
after flashing, i can receive packets with “RF receive 0” in the serial monitor.
if i connect it to my pimatic, it starts well.
but if i want to read the id of my sensors, there is no debug output.
i tried with an pir sensor and some weather sensors.
log messages 0.
the receive led of the arduino blinks, so the packets are recognized.
if i go to “discover devices”, the pir iss recognized, but the weather sensors are not.
and, still no entries in the debug log…
whats wrong?
i followed: https://forum.pimatic.org/topic/202/4-homeduino-433-mhz-sending-receiving-and-even-more
and https://forum.pimatic.org/topic/210/5-homeduino-and-rf-devices-433-mhz-transmitting-receiving