Hi all,
I have a question regarding my IP cam picture which is not available from the internet, because the cam is blocked for internet communication.
I was wondering why PimaticDroid is able to show the cam picture while I am connected to my wifi. PimaticDroid is configured to use always the external https address of my pimatic system like https://www.my-pimatic.com. When I am not connected to the wifi the web cam picture is not available. That is the way I have expected it.

Now I like to have the same behavior for the mobile frontend. Currently the frontend shows no pic via the external address, even I am connected to the wifi. By calling the frontend via the local address it pic is shown. I run a NGINX proxy server to get access to my pimatic system from outside my network

Is this a limitation of the mobile frontend or could it be handled via the nginx config? Maybe PimaticDroid allowes scripts which Chrome blockes?