my system:
pimatic on Raspberry Pi
MAX-Cube flashed with a-culfw Version1.26.01
Z-Wave on ThinClient with Ubuntu, UZB Controller (ZMEEUZB) & Z-Wave.me

plugin versions:
maxcul 1.0.7
z-way 1.4.3

The maxcul plugin works fine. But after a few hours (normally 4, sometimes more ore less) my Max- and Z-Wave devices stop working.
The other devices in pimatic are not affected.

I’ve found these message in the log:
info [pimatic-maxcul]: Paket 0f0104031234561749fe0012010d662b could no be send! Error: serial port is not open

At the same time the z-wave devices stop working - on a different hardware! I can’t even control the devices directly in z-wave.me.

Restarting pimatic resolve the problem (for the next 4 hours).
Also turn off the cube makes the z-wave devices working again (without touching or restarting anything else).

Same problem when I’m using a nano-cul-stick instead of the Max-cube.

Any suggestions what’s going on here?