I currently use Pimatic with de HAP plugin (version 0.11.1) to control the lights using Homekit.
I recently bought a Milight iBox2 with a RGBW led-strip controller and I am trying to get this to work with HAP/Homekit.
For controlling the Milight iBox2 I’m using the milight-reloaded plugin (version 0.9.17) and within Pimatic this is working perfectly. I can adjust the brightness and color just fine. But I have some issues on the HAP/ Homekit side. I see the device in Homekit on my iOS device, but I only can change the brightness of the led-strip and not the color.

Does anyone have experience in setting up Milight devices/controllers and controlling them via HAP/ Homekit? And do you have the same issues with not being able to set the color within Homekit on your iOS device?