meanwhile i am using pimatic to monitor my two epSolar Tracer solar charge controller. Besides battery voltage and load current i am getting the total lifetime charge power of the device in kWh.

It is to difficult to build a script for monitoring or calculating the “work” of the devices by my own.

So i am thinking about calculating with the two kWh variables i have to get the daily progress or to sum up the daily work.

Adding the two variables to one and calculating the difference is not a big deal but what i need is the variable from the day before to get the daily progress.

Is there a way to store sth. like that in the database or can i get information from there?

Is it possible to do it inside pimatic or do i need own shell scrips?

Some ideas on this?


load_1: 18,56 kWh
load_2: 25,86 kWh
Total: 44,42 kWh

Actual Day at noon:
load_1: 19,89 kWh
load_2: 26,56 kWh
Total: 46,45 kWh

Diff: 2,03 kWh produced from midnight to noon - sth. like that running e.g. every hour would be perfect!

Some ideas here? I am stuck!