I have added a ShellSensor with curl command, but everytime i´m trying to restart pimatic i get an error:

Startup error: SyntaxError: Unexpected character: "
13:19:34.412 [pimatic]> at /home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic/node_modules/relaxed-json/relaxed-json.js:68:21
13:19:34.412 [pimatic]> at Object.transform (/home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic/node_modules/relaxed-json/relaxed-json.js:224:18)
13:19:34.412 [pimatic]> at Framework._loadConfig (/home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic/lib/framework.coffee:97:36)
13:19:34.412 [pimatic]> at new Framework (/home/pi/pimatic-app/node_modules/pimatic/lib/framework.coffee:55:8)

This is the curl command which i´m trying to execute:

curl -s -d @/home/pi/power.xml http://XXXX:XXXX@ | sed -e ‘s/.NowPower(.)NowPower./\1/’ | sed -e 's/.>(.)<./\1/’

I have figured out that the “*” seems to be not allowed in the command line ?