Re: Pimatic alarm system plugin

Hi @michbeck100

thank you very much for the alarm plugin!

it works and detects correct alarm sensor indeed, but never triggers the Alarm Switch which is combined in my rule set. So, what did I possibly wrong, please?

"devices": [
      "id": "alarm_system",
      "name": "Alarm System",
      "class": "AlarmSystem",
      "includes": [
      "id": "alarm_trigger",
      "name": "Alarm Switch",
      "class": "AlarmSwitch"

Used rule:

      "id": "alarm-aktiviert",
      "name": "Alarm aktiviert!",
      "rule": "when alarm_trigger is turned on then push message:\"🔥 Öffnen von Türen oder Fenster registriert - Alarm wurde aktiviert... 🔥\"",
      "active": true,
      "logging": true

0_1495704419301_Bildschirmfoto 2017-05-25 um 11.26.29.png

Thank you in advance.


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