Hey community!
Good news! We are now having a WIKI 😁


As Marcus already said here Pimatic documentation:

Following earlier requests for better documentation and for collaborative tools to allow users for contributing to the documentation, a Wiki has been setup. The new Wiki already contains a major part of the pimatic-guide. The Wiki is kindly provided by Teamemo, a company which has been co-founded by @sweetpi.

Our wiki willl be a commumity project. So feel free to sign up and take part.
Please use your pimatic forum user nickname so there will be no confusion.
The wiki is part of the pimatic project and therefore we referr to our forum guidelines which will be valid for wiki too!

Thx again to @sweetpi for his great work on the wiki software! Now it’s up to us to fill it with content!

Now have fun with the wiki!

P.S. Gonna make a wiki button at the upper forum menu bar tomorrow