Hey folks,

first of all: pimatic and all plugins are up to date.

wasn’t able to reach some of my RF sockets indeed (radius is max. 10meters, wooden walls) - RF sending module is from recommended 3400 RF Kit (KXD10036) - in fact seems to have only a few milli watts sending power, though I connected an external 433MHz antenna (17.3cm vertical dipolar) but without any success at all…

…meanwhile I’m running the Arduino with a second (!) RF sending module (SparkFun 0951 v1.02) connected to PIN D6; PIN D4 is still connected to KXD10036.

I was playing around with both RF senders - each after changing homeduino config plus reboot pimatic everytime but never both RF senders together…

results are:

  • KXD10036 module with internal antenna (17.3cm wire) reached some near RF socket devices
  • 0951 module with external antenna (dipolar, +2dB) reached the farest RF sockets but not the near ones anymore :shock:

so do you have any suggestions for me, please? this is drivin’ me mad…

possibly there ist some “voltage pull up” for the DATA signal pins or similar hints?

Thank you all in advance :)

Kind Regards,