Situation is as follows:

I want to control the light in the hallway upstairs which is a Hue whit a switch locates upstairs and a switch located downstairs. Upstairs I control the light by a hue dimmer switch, and downstairs I have a Fibaro switch.
In order to accomplish this I thougth this rule would do the trick:
When zway-switch-11-1-37 is turned off or when zway-switch-11-1-37 is turned on then toggle Hal boven

But every time I switch off the hue by the switch downstairs, the switch from the hue is set to off like it is suppose to, but also the dim level is set to 0. The consequence is that the next time i switch the Fibaro switch downstairs, the switch toggles to on but dimlevel stays at 0…

Is there a reason for this? i just want to toggle the on/off switch from the Hue dimlevel should remain.