As of pimatic-dht-sensors@0.9.2 the base driver implementation has been changed to use the BCM2835 library instead of the WiringPi library. To maintain backwards compatibilty the wiringPi GPIO addressing scheme has been ported and will be appied by default.

Before updating users need to install the BCM2835 library!


curl --silent | tar xvfz -
cd bcm2835-1.50
sudo make check
sudo make install

Device Configuration

Add a DHTSensor device for your sensor to the devices section. To initialize the sensor, you have to specify the sensor type and the GPIO pin where the sensor is connected to. It should work for DHT11, DHT22 and AM2302 sensors. The type property need to bet set as follows:

Value Sensor
11 DHT11
22 DHT22 or AM2302

By default, the WiringPi pin numbering scheme is used assuming a Revision 2 board which is identifiable by the presence of the 2 mounting holes next to the ends of the GPIO pin header. Alternatively, you can set the pinType to “BCM GPIO” for BCM pin numbering or “WiringPi R1” for WiringPi pin numbering
on a Revision 1 board.

  "id": "my-sensor",
  "name": "dht22 example",
  "class": "DHTSensor",
  "type": 22,
  "pin": 7,
  "interval": 60000