i´m trying to get a DS18B20 working with a Particle Photon and Johnny Five.
A connected relais is working.
Here is my config:

  "boards": [
      "id": "J5-1",
      "boardType": "particle-io",
      "token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "deviceId": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  "plugin": "johnny-five",
  "active": true

  "controller": "DS18B20",
  "boardId": "J5-1",
  "xAttributeOptions": [],
  "id": "j5-1-temperatur",
  "name": "J5-1 Temperatur",
  "class": "JohnnyFiveTemperature",
  "interval": 10

1.) Where do i set Adress and Pin?
2.) If i edit the Device, i get an Error-Message:

error [pimatic-johnny-five]: [JohnnyFiveTemperature#j5-1-    temperatur] Error: board.io.sendOneWireConfig is not a function

What does this mean?

Gruß Emmpunkt