i found a nice solution via mqtt, sending from ESPEasy to to Broker and getting the variables into pimatic works well, sending from pimatic to broker too, but ESPEasy wouldn’t recognize the payload data and did not change the variables.

after rebooting ESPEasy should get variables from Broker with activated “mqtt retain msg” :

WIFI : Connected!
INIT : SPI not enabled
MQTT : Connected to broker
Subscribed to: /Thermostat/#
INIT : Boot OK
INIT : Normal boot
EVENT: System#Boot
MQTT : Topic: /Thermostat/temp1/thermostattemp1
MQTT : Payload: 6.0
MQTT : Topic: /Thermostat/temp1/%valname%
MQTT : Payload: {"idx":33,"nvalue":0,"svalue":"8.00"}
MQTT : Topic: /Thermostat/variables/temp1
MQTT : Payload: 5.5
pm open,type:2 0

but the variable (5.5, /Thermostat/variables/temp1) won’t change after start

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if i change the setpoint of my thermostat in pimatic, the esp gets some payload data, but the variable stays to 0

MQTT : Topic: /Thermostat/variables/temp1
MQTT : Payload: 15

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pressing the Temp+ button a few times ESPEasy sends the value to the Broker

SW   : State 1
EVENT: uptemp1#Switch=1.00
ACT  : TaskValueSet 5,1,5.0+0.5
ACT  : Publish /Thermostat/variables/temp1,5.5
MQTT : Topic: /Thermostat/variables/temp1
MQTT : Payload: 5.5
MQTT : Topic: /Thermostat/variables/temp1
MQTT : Payload: 5.5

maybe anyone knows whats wrong in my settings…


On uptemp1#Switch do  
  if [uptemp1#Switch]=1
   TaskValueSet 5,1,[variables#temp1]+0.5
   Publish /Thermostat/variables/temp1,[variables#temp1]

On downtemp1#Switch do  
  if [downtemp1#Switch]=1
   TaskValueSet 5,1,[variables#temp1]-0.5
   Publish /Thermostat/variables/temp1,[variables#temp1]

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… and 2 pimatic rules:

when $WorkroomHeatingThermostat.temperatureSetpoint changes then after 2 seconds publish mqtt message "$WorkroomHeatingThermostat.temperatureSetpoint" on topic "/Thermostat/variables/temp1"
when $mqtt-thermostat.Workroom changes then after 2 seconds set temp of Workroom Heating to $mqtt-thermostat.Workroom

Maybe mqtt-pro @wutu ?
or @Developer :)

edit: okay, i think i got it work with MQTT Import Plugin from the Playground