If you become like me, they run out of ports on the ESP8266. There is the option to connect the Arduino Pro Mini, Nano …
Just upload to the Arduino sketch ESPEasySlaves. Wiring pins A4, A5 with GPIO-4, GPIO-5.
3.3V supply is sufficient. Make sure ESPEasy sees Arduino and I2C. (Tools> I2C scan)

Then just control outputs over http commands:
http://<ESPEasy IP>/control?cmd=EXTGPIO,11,1
http://<ESPEasy IP>/control?cmd=EXTPWM,11,1023
or via MQTT:
mosquitto_pub -t ‘espeasy/EXTGPIO/11’ -m '1’
mosquitto_pub -t ‘espeasy/EXTPWM/11’ -m ‘1023’

You can configure the inputs via the ESPEasy GUI (analog, digital).

Interesting is that this could be used as a level shifter.

More info: http://www.esp8266.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=627&hilit=mqtt+pro+mini#p2945