Hi Everyone as i did not got any respone hereby my second attemp :) , could anyone help me out to make the attributes dynamical in the device config? so people can show or hide devices in the class and choose what they want to be showed. Below is a snipped of 2 devices of the total 13 i have. But currently the devices are static in the plugin.

I’d like to get the do a pull request but if the dynamical attributes could also be implemented would be great.

temperature: null
temperature1: null

    description: "Temperature"
    type: "number"
    unit: '°C'
    acronym: 'Control Setpoint'
    description: "Temperature1"
    type: "number"
    unit: '°C'
    acronym: 'Remote Override Setpoint'

constructor: (@config, lastState) ->
  @id = @config.id
  @name = @config.name
  @temperature = lastState?.temperature?.value
  @temperature1 = lastState?.temperature1?.value


  plugin.otgw.on("control_setpoint", (data) =>
    if data?
      @temperature = Number(data)
      @emit 'temperature', @temperature
  plugin.otgw.on("remote_override_setpoint", (data) =>
    if data?
      @temperature1 = Number(data)
      @emit 'temperature1', @temperature1

getTemperature: -> Promise.resolve(@temperature)
getTemperature1: -> Promise.resolve(@temperature1)