Thanks for the great work with the new version.

Broadlink make this $40 IR blaster:


I am currently using this in pimatic by sending a pushbullet message to my phone and then from my phone tasker reacts to the pushbullet and sends the IR code using this RM2 tasker plugin:


RM2 Tasker also includes a web interface so potentially half the work is already done to get this into pimatic (I know relying on a third party app isn’t the cleanest solution but I have found rm2 tasker to be very reliable).

Could I do something with the RM2 web interface already? Like send a raspian command to http request on the RM2 Tasker web interface? It would be nice to skip the pushbullet / tasker part I am doing now.

RM2 Tasker also supports the Broadlink wifi smart plugs which cost $20.