Last week I learned about pimatic after taking an evening of getting it to work I was ready to do stuff with it. After looking at the supported hardware thread I managed to get my elro plugs working. Then I decided it would be nice to have some weather sensors and so I noticed that blokker had the cheap xiron on sale for 10 euro, went to the store and bought 4. I configured the sensor in pimatic and it sorta works every so often; it picks up the temp, hunid and batt. However this means once or twice an hour…
Frustrated with this I hooked up an homeduino and ran the rf sniffer command. I was happy to see that it did pick up every transmission. I noticed that the raw output logged in pimatic differs quite a bit from what the monitor shows me.
I think the protocol needs tweaking. I want to do this but need some guidance.
I went through the git and found rfcontrol js. how do I use this? the explanation on the git is not enough. I cloned it and installed it with npm and now I need to figure out how to convert the strings I got from the monitor to source file ones.

for any one interested in the how the protocol looks, it sends 2 strings with every transmit:

490 2030 1000 4020 0 0 0 0 01010202020202020102020202020202010102020202020101010101020102020201020203
475 2045 1016 4032 0 0 0 0 01010202020202020102020202020202010102020202020101010101020102020201020203
id:???(pimatic says 192) ch:1 temp:19.3 humid:68 lowbat:false

I noticed that first bucket? (i think that’s the term) for the pulsewidth ranges from 477-492 for the first string and ranges from 464-477 for the second one. The second one is always lower than the first

Any help would be appreciated.