I start my configuraion with:
“settings”: {
“locale”: “nl”,
“debug”: true,
“logLevel”: “debug”,
“httpServer”: {
“enabled”: true,
“port”: 80

In my devices i have a remorte controled powerdevice:
“id”: “stopcontact1”,
“name”: “stopcontact”,
“class”: “HomeduinoRFSwitch”,
“protocols”: [
“name”: “switch5”,
“options”: {
“id”: xxxxxx,
“unit”: 1
“xOnLabel”: “Aan”,
“xOffLabel”: “Uit”
If its on i get the message “aan” and when is off i get the message “Uit” thanks to xOnlabel and xOfflabel.

Because i start with “locale”: “nl”, i thought i would get the same answers if i remove the xOnlabel and xOfflabel.
But i get the english On and Off messages.

Not so if i delete xonlabel and xoflabel on a HomeduinoRFContactSensor these answers stay dutch.

is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

Thanks Hans