RF protocol development

Smartwares RM174RF Protocol

I just dive in electronics and micro controller programming, could you hint how I could start this?
I would be willing to attach a logic probe to the rf tx of the Smartwares RM174RF that I own 12pc. One is open already, because I looked at the circuitry to find a way to modify it to NiMh “ready to use” cells. Not easy. Microcontroller is only listening to battery voltage via power pin. So it is a direct function of the µC to measure its Vss.

Has anyone read out the firmware of the microcontroller?

I’m on the point of writing a firmware my own, because it will not work with NiMh.
It claims new batteries with some rare and decent beeps a day, perhaps 2-3, upon quite high voltages of ca. 1,35V/cell that cannot be gained with NiMh.
And: it stresses me with not signaling which one upon test button press. I expected to flash different if it has the state of low battery.
I can not hear the room in which one beeps very well. You have to sit in the corridor to have a glue.

Others said after pairing they assimilate the same code of the first seeder.

So home automation without knowing the ID of the signaling detector is useless.
Similarly one would not be able to detect low battery alarm via RF.

These are the two hopes I had that motivated me to try it out.
Well, I paid 12€/pc, bought 12 pieces as it can link 12 together with its radio protocol.

There must be a way to un-pair them, afterwards each one should send out its factory preset ID.
There it is, pdf from smart wares.eu
Press and hold on the button of a detector for 12S, until LED is continuously ON, then release the button. Press the button during the red LED lights up within 2S twice, then you will hear “Beep” sound, that indicate the clear is successfully

Perhaps one should look for the ID by comparing logs of alarms or test alarms of pairs vs. un-paired or out-of-the-box detectors.
If you really need the function of “whole house siren flood” one would have to translate an alarm and send out a proper re-adressed alarm to each detector fitting its ID.

I have not verified this yet, since I just started with Raspi and am missing a proper receiver USB dongle I like. Hoped to get one with Software Defined Radio, but people are not yet there (some experiment with old DVB-T1 sticks successfully). Hoped to be able to Transmit with one as well. Hm.
Tell me what to measure on the opend-up one, can hook up scope to any test point you name. Tell me the procedure like inducing an alarm or pressing button procedure.

Perhaps you can direct my next steps in the right direction.



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@SaxnPaule That’s good to hear. I have the plug too And it runs without problems.

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@szybki946 you need to define a radio in your sketch…

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